Liberia: Margibi County to Get US$339K From LRA

Margibi County is expected to receive US$339K from the Liberia Revenue as part of a real property tax-shared project.

The project, which the LRA is expected to
on December 15, target US$679K in real estate tax from 8,210 properties to be captured.

The project, according to LRA Assistant Commissioner for Real Estate Tax Division, James Jaber is intended to ensure that real property tax collection is expanded into all of the counties.

 “As we said rightly, there’s going to be a revenue sharing of fifty percent(50%) each meaning whatsoever revenue that will be generated as a result of the real property tax collected from the county, fifty percent will be given back to the county and fifty percent will be used for the national government’’ he asserted.

According to him, from the consultative meetings held with the County Superintendent and Local Officials of Margibi County, the LRA was able to select Tax Agents who will be involved with capturing properties from the different communities in the electoral districts of Margibi County. “

The Assistant Commissioner indicated that currently they are preparing for the launch of the pilot project on December 15, 2021, and is certain to pilot this project with robust Tax collections from the Tax Agents in the county.

He stated that out of Eighty-Four (84) Tax Agents, Seventy-Nine (79) of them will be directly engaged with different communities, while four (4) persons will serve as Tax Agents’ Heads. 

Two of the Tax Agents’ Heads will serve in Upper Margibi County while the other two will serve in Lower Margibi County and a Supervisor will coordinate the process.

“The four (4) Tax Agents’ heads will work closely with the Seventy-Nine (79) Tax Agents including four (4) LRA Enforcement Officers that will coordinate the activities closely with the Local Officials at the county level,” he explained.

He said that over the years, the Liberia Revenue Authority has not been able to expand its real property tax in Margibi County and other parts of the counties due to concentration in Montserrado County; specifically, Urban Montserrado; adding that there is a need for LRA to expand to other counties.

“We strongly believe that when we launch and expand the project, there will be an increase in the tax net, as well as a boost in revenue for the 2022 budget year; something that could enhance growth.

The Minister of Finance and Development Planning, Hon. Samuel D. Tweah, Jr. is expected to serve as Chief Launcher along with the Commissioner-General of LRA, who is the driver of the pilot project. 

Also, part of the program will be the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Margibi Legislative Caucus, the Chairman of the Land Authority, the Officer-in-Charge of the Governance Commission, and the Director-General for LISGIS with several other Ministries, Agencies and Commissions Representatives will grace the occasion.