LPRC Retires “The Memorable Eight”

LPRC Boss Marie Urey Coleman (3rd from right) with the retirees after the program.

The Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company (LPRC) has retired eight of its employees, who have attained the retirement age of 60 and above or the minimum tenure of 25 years by the company’s employee handbook. 

The honorees were uprightly retired for their immense contribution to national development in their various professional capacities at the company.  

Others were also certificated for the pivotal roles played in their respective call of duties in categories such as Contractor of the Year, Employee of Year, and Assistant Manager of Year, respectively.

Madam Marie Urey-Coleman, LPRC Managing Director, who spoke at the 15th cycle of the entity’s retirement program, alongside Employees Appreciation Day, wholeheartedly thanked the retirees for their outstanding contributions to the growth and development of the company. 

Madam Urey-Colman said, “I am extremely grateful to God Almighty, the President of the Republic of Liberia and members of the Board of Directors, for permitting me to preside over these compatriots of retirees.”

She told the gathering that the occasion was memorable as it was the 15th cycle of retirement programs the company has had in honor and appreciation of people who have contributed immensely to the company and Liberia. It was also the third retirement program she has been privileged to oversee as Managing Director of LPRC.

“Everyone in this gathering, from the longest-serving employee to our newest recruit, has contributed to LPRC’s success, but today is dedicated to the “Memorable Eight,” Madam Urey-Coleman declared.

According to her, the retirees helped her a lot to steer the affairs of the company through times of great change from protecting their plant and human capital, repairing and maintaining the facility to the sales and distributions of petroleum products across the country.

“Using your talents and leaving a legacy is something every good person will desire to do,” she noted, “which the ‘Memorable Eight’ have already succeeded in achieving by being a part of the team that has driven the company to continue from past MDs with the current rehabilitation and expansion initiative.”

She acknowledged that retirement is a sad thing because the retirees will be leaving behind friends or relationships that they had developed over many years and who, in turn, will miss them but also noted that it is a good thing, as it will allow them to make new families out there and enjoy life as they still have the strength. 

Speaking of the affable working relationship she enjoyed with them, she said: “Today LPRC is a better place to be because of our collective efforts. And let me inform you that the strengths you have helped us to pull have laid down the foundation that others after you can face the future with confidence.”

Rev. Paul S. Jappah, former LPRC Assistant Manager for Internal Audit, who spoke on behalf of the retirees, commended the management of the company for their satisfactory retirement.

He said, “For and on behalf of the retirement class of 2021, we want to say a big thank you to the Board of Directors of the LPRC, the Managing Director, and the management team for executing this elegant retirement program. We want to appreciate them for the level of cooperation demonstrated over the years and for allowing us to serve this noble entity in our different professional career disciplines.”

Rev. Jappah assured that even though they are leaving, they are not going entirely but will be available at any time to offer their expertise and technical know-how wherever appropriate for the growth of LPRC and the country at large. 

He cautioned his colleagues to have in mind that “retirement is not a death sentence” and, as such, they must see their retirement as a time to soberly reflect.

“Retirement is a time to rest and a time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. After long years of corporate sweat, retirement is a time to enjoy your benefits without any sweat,” Rev. Jappah concluded. 

Those retired were, Paul S. Jappah, Assistant Manager Internal Audit; J. Noah Kolee, Senior Corporate Affairs Officer; Edward W. Dennis, Accounts Receivable Officer; Esther Tamba, Administrative Assistant; Bennetta T.J. Jones, Insurance Assistant; Morris Gbekail, Leaderman; Kollie Gbatoe, Driver from the Support Services Department; and Jackson W. Debleh, Pipe Fitting Leaderman from the Department of Maintenance.

Some were retired for long service/age, except Jackson W. Debleh who was retired based on health issues.

Employees who received honors for going beyond the call of duty were; Patience Joloka, Contractor of year, Boakai O. Kromah, Employee of year, and Kude Cummings Kollie, Assistant Manager of the year.

Held on Friday, December 3, at the company’s Product Storage Terminal (PST) on Bushrod Island, the program was dubbed “The Memorable Eight."