Lion Club to Construct An Eye Testing Center at Tellowyan Hospital

Mr. Cyrus and members of the club performance the ground breaking ceremony in Voinjama.    

The Chief Executive Officer of the Security Expert Guard of Liberia (SEGAL), Momo Cyrus, and Family during the week embarked on a series of humanitarian activities in the City of Voinjama, Lofa County. 

On Monday, August 23, 2021 Mr. Cyrus held discussion with authorities of the Tellewoyan Hospital in Voinjama City at which time he promised on behalf of the Ducor Lion Club to construct a modern Eye Center at the hospital.

Providing a brief history of the Lion Club in Liberia, Mr. Cyrus who is a past President of the Ducor Lion Club said that Lionism started far back in 1964 in Liberia and currently has seven Clubs in the Country.

“As a past president of the Ducor Lion Club, I am a senior Lion in Liberia and internationally. We are here to serve humanity and the theme or objective is “To Serve”.

He said that as Lions, they do not serve for any political gain, monetary value or selfish motivation, but serve humanity, especially visually impaired and physically challenged people.

He informed authorities at the hospital that the Lion Club is heavily involved with helping blind people around Liberia, noting that Eye Centers at the John F. Kennedy Hospital and Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County were constructed by the Lion Club.

“Other counties are actually benefiting from Lionism in Liberia. If you look at the Eye Clinic at JFK in Monrovia, it is the Lion Club that built it and Buchanan we spent almost US$500,000. And we got more than three hundred fifty thousand dollars (US$350, 000) grant coming in a few months to build eye clinics in three counties.”

Mr. Cyrus, as a senior Lion being from Lofa and considering his involvement in Lionism and love for his people, especially for the blind is hoping, though, not definite to lobby with senior Lions in Liberia because they want to buy the concept and are willing to support before expediting  it to the international community. 

“We will be pushing forward to build an eye clinic at the Tellewoyan Hospital here in Voinjama in a few months from now. We will push it as senior Lion again let be clear is not a definite thing because money is not there right now but, we think that if we make our case as Lofaians and giving proximity of the hospital and the number of beneficiaries that will benefit from the Eye Clinic, I think we will make a very strong case to the Lion Club to the Lion and than to Lion international. So as I leave here, I am going to start having discussions with my senior Lions that there is a need to have an eye clinic at the Tellewoyan Hospital just as we did in Monrovia and Buchanan,” he said.    

Speaking, the Acting Head of the hospital, Dr. Wilmot S. Frank, welcomed Mr. Cyrus’s plan for the construction of an eye center at Tellewoyan Hospital, noting that the construction of the center at the  major referral hospital of a county with over 200,000 population is critical. He appealed to the Ducor Lion Club through Mr. Cyrus to sponsor one nurse at the hospital to study eye Care and treatment. 

He said that the study, which is for a year, will enable the nurse to conduct effective eye tests and treatment even before the construction of the center.

Earlier, Mr. Momo T. Cyrus broke grounds for the construction of a dormitory for visually impaired people in Voinjama City. The cost for the construction is put at US$25,000 and is expected to be completed within 24-months.

Speaking of the Visually Impaired Community, Mr. Isaac S. Soribah, Coordinator for Visually Impaired Community of Lofa County, extended thanks and appreciation to the Ducor Lion Club and to Mr. Cyrus for thinking about visually impaired people. 

He said it will be a good thing to provide learning opportunities for the blind and to have a dormitory because there are young children among them who are not going to school.

He further thanked Mr. Cyrus, his family and Ducor Lion Club for thinking about them. 

For his part, the Assistant Superintendent for Development, Mr. Samuel Mulbah who spoke on behalf of Superintendent William Tamba Kamba, said that the process of acquiring land for the construction of dormitory for visually impaired people in Voinjama started two years ago. 

Assist. Superintendent Mulbah said that with the help of the Land Authority, a parcel of land was finally acquired and ground broken for the construction.