LIBMUZIK Signs Underground Artiste Spiz6 for a Bumper L$20M

LIBMUZIK, a prominent Liberian record label based in the USA, has signed Liberian underground artist Spiz6 to a record-breaking deal worth 20 million Liberian dollars. This sizable contract, which amounts to approximately 100,000 USD, marks a significant milestone in the career of the rising Liberian artist, also known as William Zor, Jr.

The deal, brokered by LIBMUZIK's CEO, Ai Johnson, and James, extends beyond financial compensation. In a gesture of support and commitment to Spiz6’s artistry, the label will also provide him with a brand-new vehicle, set to be delivered within 30 days of signing the contract.

Johnson expressed unwavering confidence in the Liberian music scene, citing the potential for growth and success with the right investments and dedication from artists like Spiz6. Furthermore, Johnson emphasized that the partnership with Spiz6 represents a larger narrative about showcasing Liberian talent on a global stage.

The artist has the newest single, “Melo,” that is trending across various social media platforms. The song is poised to be released soon. As anticipation builds for Spiz6’s upcoming release, “Melo”, this record-breaking deal marks a significant milestone, making him the first Liberian artist to secure such a lucrative agreement.

The elaborate signing ceremony took place last week at the luxurious RLJ Hotel in Paynesville and was graced by many prominent faces in the music industry.

Spiz6’s acquisition for such a huge sum, viewed as a success story, serves as motivation for other Liberian artists brimming with potential: persevere in what you believe in, and don't give up — people are closely watching. Congratulations to the young star on this remarkable achievement.

By nurturing artists like Spiz6, LIBMUZIK aims to not only elevate individual careers but also elevate the reputation of Liberian music on an international scale. This collaboration is seen as a testament to the artistic prowess and untapped potential within Liberia’s music industry.

The announcement of this lucrative deal came as a pleasant surprise to William Zor, Sr., Spiz6’s father, who had previously viewed his son as a football enthusiast rather than a musician. Zor expressed gratitude for the generous investment made by LIBMUZIK, acknowledging the newfound musical talent and potential his son possesses.

Famous former Liberian DJ and House of Representatives member Bernard Benson (alias DJ Blue) also weighed in on Spiz6's talent, highlighting the youngster's promising future in the Liberian music landscape. With the support of industry veterans like DJ Blue and dedicated labels like LIBMUZIK, Spiz6 is poised to carve out a prominent place for himself in the vibrant and diverse world of Liberian music.

As Spiz6 embarks on this exciting new chapter in his career, the music industry and fans alike eagerly await the unveiling of his artistry and the impact he will undoubtedly make on the Liberian music scene and beyond.