Liberty Party Loses 'Voice' in the House of Representatives

Rivercess County District #1 Representative Rosana GDH Schaack.

.... As last member tenders in resignation from the party

Liberty Party, the second populated opposition political party in the Liberian political space, has practically lost its voice in the House of Representatives with the resignation of Rivercess County District #1 Representative Rosana GDH Schaack.

The Rivercess female lawmaker and Grand Bassa County District #1 Representative Hans Bacchue were the only two members of the LP in the House following the resignation of Hon. Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa of Grand Kru County District #2, and Rep. Mambu Sonii of Grand Cape Mount District #1.

In her communication to LP National Chairman, Musa Hassan Bility, Rep. Schaack, President of the Women Legislative Caucus of the 54th Legislature, said: "I see myself in a very difficult position and feel a sense of loss. I am a humanitarian  that happens  to have been elected  by the great  people of Electoral  District #1, Rivercess  County to serve  as their Representative for  a six-year term  (2018-2023). As time has gone by, I have not felt a connection with the Party, probably from my own doing.  I am not the usual Liberian politician and do not agree with the level of disunity that has come about at late."

"After much thought and prayer, I have decided and therefore write to resign as a Partisan and withdraw my membership from the Liberty Party. My citizens want to retain me as their Representative and will manifest this during the 2023 General Elections.  This call from my constituents has given me clear confirmation for the decision that l have made.

She furthered: "I thanked the Liberty Party for all the support given me during my time as a Partisan of this great party.  I have many fond memories of the late Standard Bearer, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine.  As we go our separate ways, we still want the best for the Liberia.  I pray for God's direction for each of us for our beloved country.  May God bless us and serve the State."

 Meanwhile, between  2018 January - August, Rep. Koffa and Schaack were the only progressive and robust members of LP in the Lower House,  and with his resignation,  she became the lone wolf, because  Rep. Sonii and Hans, were mostly absent because of districts' engagement and health-related issues.