Liberia’s Newly Appointed Attorney General

…..President Boakia’s Lead Prosecutor

There was a report of one Cllr. Jonathan Massaquio being nominated as Minister of Justice, about whom little is known regarding his legal career compared to Cllr: Cooper W. Kruah Sr, who has been actively practicing law since 1988 up to the present. Even as the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, he was reportedly seen around courtrooms prosecuting or defending his clients. Most lawyers consider him one of Liberia’s legal luminaries due to his 36 years of experience in criminal, civil, and labor cases, most of which he won at the level of the Supreme Court.

According to reports, the legal luminary, Cllr. Kruah, was robust in his petitions with civil matters in court. During one of his trials with the Liberia Marketing Association (LMA) conflict at the Civil Law Court, in which Associate Justice Kabah was then the judge, Cllr. Kruah, in his argument, informed the judge that Liberia's civil procedure law allows the burden of proof to rest on the plaintiff or the person filing the lawsuit. He further argued that the plaintiff should prove that the allegations are true and that the defendant or the other party caused damages.

With his experience in the law over the years, many believe he is the proper fit for President Bokai's choice as Minister of Justice, and he knows that when it comes to establishing a civil case, the plaintiff must usually do so by a preponderance of the evidence. In relation to criminal cases, which will be one of his primary focuses to fight corruption in Bokai’s government, Cllr. Kruah has also been in the spotlight, fighting criminal cases and yielding great results.

One of his clients, who preferred not to be named, explained that during a trial, Cllr. Kruah presented the evidence to the judge through witnesses who testified about what they knew or saw. What mostly amazed her was the closing argument and his legal memorandum before the judge, and finally, the defendant was found guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.

Since his removal from Posts and Telecommunications by the ex-President George Weah as Minister, he has been working as the Junior Consultant for Henry’s Law Firm, providing legal guidance for the firm’s associates on both civil and criminal matters.

Prior to his removal in 2023, he served as the Managing Partner of Henry’s Law Firm and handled the day-to-day running of the firm, which increased the number of associates from two to eight practicing lawyers, one labor consultant, and nine clerical staff.

Many practicing lawyers consider him a lawyer who knows courtroom practice; therefore, his confirmation at the Senate is expected to be an easy ride.