Liberia’s Newest Luxury Creative Studio and Beauty Salon, “Keljhani”, Finally Opens to the Public.

Kelvin Shankar Jhamnani, Founder and CEO, Keljhani

Keljhani is a beauty and fashion house offering the following services: Image Consultancy; as well as Beauty, Personal care, Photography & Fashion styling. Visit keljhani today and feel the difference. 

Who is Keljhani?

  • Keljhani is a timeless brand with beauty, professionalism, luxury and perfection at its core.
  • A company with a family environment. 
  • A safe space for everyone.
  • A powerhouse for makeup, hair, nails, photography, fashion and it’s soon to be a globally recognized brand. 

Meet the Founder & CEO

Kelvin Shankar Jhamnani is a creative. He has always been a creative. He was born and raised in Monrovia, Liberia where he had a chauffeur but scrubbed the floors. That should sum up his upbringing. A blessed but humble household with two very supportive Christian parents, two siblings by blood and over five by fate and choice.

 He graduated high school in Monrovia, Liberia and moved to North Carolina, United States for university. It was alright but then COVID happened and threw him into a quarter life crisis. Now, here he’s; finishing his degree online, starting his career early but doing what he absolutely loves. Yes... yes, he is a very grateful soul.

As you’ve read, this has always been HIM! Now he’s sharing his natural gifts with the world around him; starting with Liberia. Today he is known as one of Liberia’s best fashionists the country can boast of.

Enough reading! Visit keljhani’s website, call or WhatsApp 0777077070 to book a service or just walk in and feel what KELJHANI is all about. 

Motto: “Every Detail Matters”