‘Liberians Will Suffer, Get Poorer, Unless’

Alexander Benedict Cummings: "The elections in 2023 will define our country for generations to come."

.... Cummings

Increased poverty and the lack of essential social services will continue to haunt Liberia, unless Liberians elect competent and qualified leaders to efficiently and honestly manage the resources for the general benefit of all Liberians, the Alternative National Congress (ANC), political leader, Alexander B. Cummings, has told thousands of residents in Clara Town. 

Clara Town, located in District #14, Montserrado County, is a densely populated economically-depressed community, with over 50,000 registered voters and among the poorest without reliable electricity, pipe-borne water, hospital and school system.

The presumptive CPP Standard Bearer blamed the deteriorating state of affairs of the community and the country on the ongoing massive corruption and ineptitude of the current administration of President George Weah. 

According to Cummings, President Weah has mismanaged the economy and cannot control stealing in his administration.

He spoke during a community engagement and tour of several communities in Clara Town.

He told the community dwellers that it is “unacceptable to see the masses lingering in abject poverty, in the midst of the abundance of natural resources our country has been blessed to possess, as well as the immense international support and assistance to Liberia, over the years.”

Mr. Cummings cautioned Liberians against repeating past mistakes by electing corrupt and tainted recycled politicians, whose actions have over the years robbed the people of a better life and the building of a prosperous nation.

Elders, Women and youth groups in Clara Town complained of years of government neglect, the lack of improved healthcare services, poor quality schools, lack of electricity and safe drinking water, and the frustrating challenge of dealing with years of unending flood disasters, especially during rainy seasons.

An estimated 60,000 school-age children and youths are out of school, they said, while the unemployment rate is skyrocketing especially amongst women and the youth of Clara Town. 

The Clara Town residents pointed to women as the main bread winners for families in the community amidst the rising joblessness and high costs of living.

The elders and community leaders took Cummings, along with other party stalwarts of the ANC, on a guided tour of several communities including Freeport, Clara Town, Doe Community, and visited and interacted with members of the Clara Town Renaissance Intellectual Center.

The residents, including Muslims and Christian leaders, pledged a statement of support to Cummings' presidential bid, offered special prayers and made some passionate pleas for assistance and personal loan schemes for women who have now become breadwinners for their families.