Liberian Students in Northern Cyprus Induct First Leadership

Liberian Students in Cyprus

By Lauries Page

The Liberian Students Association in Northern Cyprus over the weekend on  March 12, 2022 inducted its first leadership to stir the affairs of Liberian students studying in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Speaking at the well attended event, the inducted President of the students association in  Northern Cyprus , Brutus Jentzen Hunder appreciated his fellow students for reposing their confidence in his  team to serve  the students community.

Hunder assured the students community in Northern Cyprus that the privilege they have given he and his team to serve will not be squandered. 

He said his leadership will work hard as possible to not let the Liberian Students Association  in Northern Cyprus (LSANC) down. Hunder said his leadership remains committed to pursuing the collective interest of the students  in Northern Cyprus.

The inducted president of the group wants his colleagues to continue cooperation and support toward his leadership. 

He told the students community that there is no doubt that studying in a foreign land that is far from one's home country has its own daunting challenges and "can be difficult for us students who do not understand the environment and the laws of the countries we find themselves pursuing our dreams."

According to him, regardless of all of the challenges students are faced with, unity  is the tool in the forward march of everyone. 

Hunder used the inaugural program to announce to the public that his leadership will embark on a financial aid initiative. 

According to him, the  financial aid program was designed to provide a helping hand to Liberian students who go through lots of financial constraints in their desire to seek higher education. 

He said his leadership will be knocking on the doors of financially well off Liberians at home and abroad to assist Liberian students in Cyprus. 

The Liberian Students Association in Northern Cyprus ( LSANC) president noted that his leadership believes that the education they seek is not only for themselves, but to return home and contribute their quota to the forward march of their home country. 

He said human  capital formation plays a significant role in a country's economic development. 

According to him, better education leads not only to higher individual income but is also a necessary precondition for long term economic growth of a country. 

He spoke on a wide range of issues confronting the livelihood of Liberians studying in Northern Cyprus, but ended his remarks by calling the student community to support its leadership in addressing their welfare. 

The other inducted officials of the LSANC include: Georglin S. Nyenatoh, Vice President for Administration; Paul R. Henry, Vice President for Operations; Elijah C.M.  Nawa, General-Secretary; Amara A. M. Fofana, Financial Secretary; and Joseph Kolee, Treasurer.