Liberian Students to Benefit from More Indian Gov't Scholarships

Aware International School Graduating Class of 2022

Indian Ambassador to Liberia discloses as keynote speaker at Aware International graduation program

Indian Ambassador to Liberia, Pradip Kumar Yadav on Saturday, September 17, said his government, as of 2023, would offer more scholarships to Liberian students to continue their studies in the Republic of India. 

“As of next year, 2023, my government will offer scholarships to more Liberians for graduate and post graduate programs to study in our country,” the Ambassador disclosed during his keynote address at the 4th commencement convocation of the Aware International School System, an Indian-run institution.

“I encourage Liberians to always search on our website for more information about the scholarship,” the Indian envoy added.

Admonishing the graduates, Yadev said, they are embarking on a decisive journey of life, where the strict discipline of their parents and teachers will be missing. "Your new life will be exciting and full of freedoms, but remember that it comes with many responsibilities and challenges,” he said.  “As you will face your new responsibilities and challenges, you must face them in a positive spirit and you should put your best efforts to make your parents, teachers, and your country proud of your achievement.” 

The Indian Ambassador also lauded the school for providing quality education to Liberian students and foreign students, particularly Indians.

The Principal of the school, Beena Gopinathan said, she is confident that her graduates are well prepared and ready to face the next stage of their academic sojourn.

“We have given them everything they need and we are convinced that they will succeed,” Madam Gopinathan encouraged her students. 

According to her, they have groomed the students in integrity, discipline, good morals, perseverance, and quality education.

“Therefore, I encourage you to treasure and make use of all of these. Don't allow a new environment to change your good personality,” 

Gopinathan passionately pleaded with her graduates not to divert from the discipline they acquired from the school.

Aware International School is an Indian-run international academic institution located on the GSA Road, Paynesville City. It was established in September 2014, with a broad-based curriculum and excellent academic performance, which has earned them a well-deserved reputation.

Over the years the school has become one of the most sought-after international schools in the country with an enrollment of over 300 students.