Liberia: “You Are Selfish”

Yekeh Kolubah Blasts PYJ over his cries for ministerial positions for Nimbaians

Yekeh Kolubah, the Representative of Montserrado Electoral District #10, has criticized Senator Prince Johnson of Nimba County, describing him as selfish and claiming that he prioritizes his own interests over the well-being of the people of Nimba.

Kolubah made these remarks at his office on Capitol Hill. According to him, when he raised concerns about President Joseph Nyumah Boakai’s governance, he expected Senator Johnson to reach out and take a leadership role in addressing the concerns.

However, Kolubah expressed disappointment that Johnson did not act as a representative of the people of Nimba County but as an individual protecting his interests.

However, the criticism against Johnson stems from his recent public remarks about President Boakai’s failure to ensure an equitable distribution of ministerial positions across various counties. Johnson had expressed his disappointment, suggesting that Nimba County deserved more ministerial positions due to its support during the 2023 political campaigns.

“I think in my mind you are not speaking for the people of Nimba County but yourself. When I had a concern with the way Joseph Boakai is proceeding with the country, I came and sat in your house, and we talked for three hours. As an elder, I had expected that you could have taken leadership to reach out to avoid what we are experiencing now,” he said.

Kolubah admonished Senator Johnson, saying that if Johnson truly represented the interests of the Liberian people, he would have privately approached President Boakai instead of going public.

“Now is a time for Johnson to have gone to Boakai instead of coming to the public. He is doing it because it is affecting him. You said to me you could talk to Joseph Boakai, but today I see you coming out because you have been affected as an individual. You are not speaking for the people of Nimba or Liberia, but yourself,” Kolubah retorted. 

He said Johnson only spoke out because the appointments affected him personally, rather than standing up for the people of Nimba or Liberia as a whole.

“Because if you were speaking for the Liberian people, when I came to you and said that Joseph Boakai has already failed the country, you asked me, and I told you how Joseph Boakai lied. You didn’t take it seriously. Senator Prince Johnson, you don’t have an interest in the Liberian people. You have an interest in yourself. Because you have not been affected, you cannot talk the way you are. I saw you in your church, saying, “fly was living before the dog’s ear was cut.”

On the topic of President Boakai, Kolubah also criticized his supporters, who refer to him as a “crazy man,” and expressed frustration over unfulfilled promises made during the campaign. Kolubah highlighted that he had faced similar criticism when he spoke out against former President George Weah and societal issues, indicating that people’s frustrations were leading them to dismiss his concerns.

“Yesterday I was celebrated for talking against George Weah and the ills in society. Today some of you people came to my house saying I should just leave the old man; he will not stay long, he will not live long. Who determines when somebody lives a long time? Are you God to know when somebody will live long?”

The Montserrado County lawmaker called for patience and caution, advising Luther Tarpeh, the chairman of the ruling Unity Party who recently went on the rampage protesting for jobs, to avoid agitation.

He also called on the people of Lofa County to refrain from giving unsolicited opinions on the president’s political choices, emphasizing that the Republic of Liberia is not Lofa County alone.

Regarding activist Martin Kollie’s claims that Kolubah is being used by the former ruling Coalition for Democratic Change to target President Boakai, Kolubah brushed off the assertion, stating that he has the ability to foresee events and make his own decisions.

He recalled advising Rev. Luther Tarpeh, the UP chairman, to expel Boakai from the party because of concerns about his leadership, but was met with the response that time should be given to the newly inaugurated head of state.

Although not a member of the Unity Party, Kolubah revealed that he had written a letter to the party’s executives, urging them to consider expelling Boakai to preserve the party’s relevance once he departs from the presidency.

He stated that Boakai’s actions were detrimental and could potentially harm the party’s reputation. 

Notably, Kolubah’s initial criticism of Boakai revolved around the source of funding for his contributions at the fuel tank explosion site in Totota, Bong County. Kolubah questioned the transparency and the significant amount of funds acquired by Boakai, particularly since he had previously mentioned financial constraints.

Meanwhile, there are growing concerns and disappointments expressed by various individuals, including Senator Johnson and other prominent figures, about President Boakai’s leadership and the need for him to fulfill his promises.