Liberia: Wokie Dolo Endorses Weah

Former Miss Liberia, Wokie Dolo, has officially endorsed President George M. Weah of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for the upcoming runoff election on November 14. Dolo made her endorsement at a well-attended event on November 7, where she expressed her gratitude towards the Weah administration for their efforts in improving the lives of Liberians. She emphasized that her endorsement was not influenced by money, but by witnessing the positive impact that the government has had on the younger generation.

“Our endorsement here today is not based on money. As you may all be aware, we were independent candidates. We ran our campaigns without any political party involvement. But why are we here? We are here because of all of us,” she said. “They say ley girl dah small girl ehn? But the small, small children are needed everywhere, and that's why the small children they have to gather and we will continue to show ourselves till they know that in the eyes of men condemnation should not be exhibited.”

“We are here to identify with gratitude,” she added. “Some of you will say but what George Weah did for me, but guess what your brothers and sisters are the legacy of President Weah. We are here because we are grateful.” 

As a businesswoman who works with young people, Dolo highlighted the opportunities that have been provided to the youth under the current administration. She mentioned that young women have been given new cars and life-changing opportunities that she herself did not experience under past administrations. Dolo's endorsement of President Weah was not based on monetary factors, as she ran as an independent candidate during the elections without any political party involvement.

“I am a businesswoman and I work with young people and every year through this government a girl has been given a new car, a girl child is given a life-changing opportunity. I am a former Miss Liberia, but if I tell you the achievements these young women are making under this administration, I never had it under past administration. I am proud enough to be grateful to this government.”

Dolo also called for unity among politicians and urged them to respect each other's views, regardless of their background, age, or gender. She stressed the importance of cordiality and expressed her desire for people to have the freedom to make choices, even in matters such as marriage.

“When I say I want to marry a Muslim man, allow me to marry a Muslim man. This is my side. This is number two.” 

The event was attended by prominent members of the CDC, including Mulbah K. Morlu, Jefferson T. Koijee, Lenn Eugene Nagbe, and Mawine G. Diggs. Dolo praised her former contenders and encouraged them to work together for the betterment of Liberia.

In addition to her political engagements, Dolo is the Chief Executive Officer of La Queen Entertainment, a non-political and non-religious pageantry firm. La Queen Entertainment hosts the annual "Miss Earth" event in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia, aimed at promoting environmental preservation.

Accepting Dolo's endorsement, Major Koijee thanked her for challenging stereotypes by participating in a male-dominated election. He drew comparisons between Dolo's performance and President Weah's journey to the presidency in 2005, highlighting their determination to overcome challenges and make a meaningful impact in society.

However, Dolo's endorsement of President Weah serves as a testament to her belief in the positive changes brought about by his administration, as well as her commitment to unity and progress in Liberia.