“Liberia Will Be A Different Country Under My Leadership”

President Joseph N. Boakai

— President-elect Boakai declares as NEC certificates him and Koung as the winning presidential ticket

President-elect Joseph Nyumah-Boakai has assured the Liberian people that their votes will not go in vain, promising to make Liberia a different country under his leadership. He expressed his commitment at a certification program held for him and Jeremiah K. Koung, the winners of the 2023 presidential elections, at the headquarters of the National Elections Commission (NEC) on December 27, 2023.

With the official certification of his victory in the November 2023 Presidential run-off election, President-elect Boakai stated, “We want to renew our commitment to our people. I pledge that Liberia will be a different country under my leadership. We will work tirelessly to ensure that the people benefit from their votes. Together, we will build Liberia.”

President-elect Boakai thanked the Unity Party, the National Elections Commission, his family, and the men and women of the UP Alliance for their support. He also commended President George Weah for gracefully conceding defeat even before the official results were announced by the NEC.

“We want to thank our political adversaries and particularly President Weah, who conceded even before the last vote was counted. He has also committed his government to a peaceful transition. We expect that the will of the People has prevailed, and we must all listen,” Boakai said.

Highlighting the significance of the event, President-elect Boakai emphasized that the dividends of democracy must be felt by all Liberians, across every town and village. He called on the entire nation to join him in the rebuilding of Liberia.

“This event will be meaningless if Liberians cannot benefit from the dividends of democracy,” he said. “This must not be seen as a perfunctory undertaking. It must be felt in every village, town, and city. It must reverberate throughout our region and the world. Therefore, I call upon all Liberians to join me in building the country.”

In the coming weeks, Boakai disclosed that he and his Vice President will outline their roadmap for progress and development, focusing on peace, development, and overall progress for the country.

“Over the next few weeks and during my inauguration, my Vice President and I will lay out the road map for progress and development. We will fully articulate the pathway to peace, development, and progress,” he said. “On this occasion, we want to demonstrate our gratitude and renew our commitment to the Liberian People. By this certification, I pledge that Liberia will be different under my leadership.”

 In the 2023 elections, President-elect Boakai emerged victorious, defeating incumbent President George Weah by a narrow margin of 50.1% to 49%, restricting Weah to a single-term presidency.