Liberia: Weah Returns from Month-Long Vacation, ‘Reinvigorated’

Former President Liberia, George M. Weah, has announced his return to the country with a focus on addressing societal issues during the current administration led by President Joseph Nyuma Boakai. 

Speaking to journalists upon his arrival at the Roberts International Airport (RIA), following a family vacation that spanned a month, Weah expressed his eagerness to address the challenges that Liberian society is facing. He acknowledged that his return might contribute to the ongoing political discussions, especially concerning the tenure controversy, potentially adding pressure to the newly established Boakai administration, which is still in its early days.

“I am back home and ready to address the challenges facing Liberian society,” he said, amidst a warm reception from fellow Liberians. Weah highlighted his commitment to reinvigorating his political party and positioning it strategically within the political landscape. 

While Weah did not specify which societal issues he plans to tackle, he did express disappointment over not being able to utilize the Clar M. Weah VIP Lounge at the airport, which he had officially handed over to the Boakai administration before his departure.

Weah also discussed recent awards he received while away, attributing the accolades to his dedication and hard work on behalf of the Liberian people. With the political climate already charged due to prevailing issues such as the debate over tenured positions and the closure of the University of Liberia, Weah’s return also signals increased political activity within his political party, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

Accompanied by his wife, Former First Lady Clar M. Weah, and other notable figures from his administration, Weah’s return sets the stage for potential political developments in the coming days, weeks, and months ahead.

Weah said his family vacation included quality time with his son Timothy Weah, a professional footballer at Juventus in Italy, who hosted them.

“We had a great time playing games like Ludo,” he explained. “It was Timothy’s first time hosting us in six years, during which we were serving the Liberian people.”

Part of the former President’s entourage were his son Champ Weah, former Maritime Commissioner Lenn Eugene Nagbe and Former Chief of Protocol at the Executive Mansion,  Amb. Nora Finda Bundoo, as well as former Special Presidential Aide, Sekou Kalasco Damaro among others.