Liberia: "We Need to Start Thinking of all of our Young People"

Loop Academies is thrilled to announce the launching of its first Model School (LAMS) in Liberia. LAMS is reimagining secondary education to provide young people the skills to find jobs, the tools to create their jobs, and the character to lead and thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The school’s content is specifically designed to prepare high school students with the skills that transition them into the workforce right out of high school. LAMS’ pedagogy is rooted in hands-on learning.

From project-based learning tools to a flipped classroom model, vocational and digital skills, etc, students will be in charge of their learning throughout.

"Our model uses existing and new technologies. We will develop software that will empower teachers, students, parents, school administrators, and all other stakeholders to deliver a holistic education that provides young people with the relevant skills to secure jobs or create employment. This model will prepare students to be change agents with the right character," Marvin R. Tarawally said.

Loop Academies Model School was birth as a result of the personal story of its CEO Mr. Tarawally, an Oxford graduate who was inspired by the MasterCard Foundation Secondary Education in Africa report that highlights the need for urgent radical innovation and investment in Secondary urgent. 

A seminal insight from the report is that of the 98 percent of young people who enroll at the primary level in Sub-Saharan Africa, only 9 percent make it to tertiary education and only 6 percent graduate.

These are challenges that should alarm the global order given the scale and complexity described above. 

“If we do not radically deploy a solution at scale to tackle these issues, Africa’s youth promise will quickly develop into a massive global crisis," Mr. Tarawally added. "This is the greatest challenge of the African continent.”      

The school said its curriculum is an excellent resource for developing work-based learning skills. It will foster collaboration and build the capacity to teach, give, and reimagine secondary education within and around Liberia. 

"Loop Academies is excited to share its resources with the public via our website and encourage educators to explore the included lessons and integrate them into their classrooms this school year, " Tarawally noted.

He added "We are grateful to every stakeholder for believing in our team’s vision, and for sharing in our objectives of ensuring more high school students are future-ready – and that includes being equipped enough to take charge of their future. Obtaining quality education is the stepping stone to successful careers and the better we can prepare our young people, the better their outcomes will be. Together we can support the next generation of talent and smooth their pathway to becoming extraordinary leaders and change-makers.”