Liberia: “We Need the Private Sector in Emergency Response”

….. AFL Chief of Staff tells My Watchman™ CEO; looks forward to future collaboration

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL), Major General Prince C. Johnson, says that they need the private sector in the emergency response sector to make them more efficient and drive innovation.

Johnson made the remark recently when he paid a courtesy visit to the My Watchman™ global headquarters in Monrovia, Liberia. 

The AFL Chief of Staff further toured the facility and was drilled on the workings of the My WatchmanTM platform by the founder and Chief Executive Officer, Oliver Wleh Klark, Jr.

“This is really impressive. We need the private sector in the emergency response sector to make us more efficient and drive innovation,” said Johnson. “I have personally been encouraging a lot of people to download the app and sign up for the service.”

In his discussion with Klark, the Brigadier General highlighted the importance of the My Watchman™ app for national security. 

He also discussed the important role the app could play in reporting election violence during the upcoming elections and advised that the company engage the relevant stakeholders. 

Other use cases discussed included the use of the My Watchman™ emergency response platform during disasters, for recovery, relief, and other national or regional crises.

He praised the workings of the app and promised to discuss its uses with other key national stakeholders and international partners in the security, medical, and emergency sectors at his earliest opportunity. 

Johnson encouraged the company to keep innovating solutions to make the world, and Liberia in particular, a safer place.

For his part, Klark thanked the Chief of Staff for the visit and said he looks forward to future collaboration with the Armed Forces of Liberia.

About Advanced Converged Technologies, LLC (My Watchman™)

My Watchman™ is a mobile emergency response platform (mobile and web apps) that provides 24/7 access to critical emergency response services such as medical, security, fire, sexual, and domestic violence. Its goal is to bridge the gap in critical emergency and social response services in developing countries by strengthening the existing infrastructure, using technology as an enabler. 

My Watchman™ believes that access to critical emergency response services should not be a privilege. Every FAMILY should be able to afford these services, regardless of their SOCIAL or ECONOMIC status. That is why they have built an AFFORDABLE, DEPENDABLE, and RELIABLE emergency response platform and network, with INCLUSIVE PRICING, putting SAFETY in the palm of everyone, giving them and their loved ones that PEACE OF MIND.