Liberia: Wakanow Launches Operation in Liberia to Democratize Travel

Wakanow’s Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO), Bayo Adedeji, shared insights into the company's vision and commitment to Liberia., Africa’s foremost travel technology company, launches Wakanow Liberia in alignment with the company’s goal of democratizing travel and strategic expansion across sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, and America. 

Wakanow offers a comprehensive range of services, including affordable flights, hotel accommodations, visa assistance, holiday packages, and airport transfers.

At the press launch event that took place on Tuesday, 12th September in Monrovia, the capital city of  Liberia, Wakanow's Group Chief Executive Officer (GCEO), Bayo Adedeji, shared insights into the company's vision and commitment to Liberia. 

In his keynote address, Adedeji expressed deep  gratitude for the warm reception in Liberia and highlighted the significance of Wakanow's entry into  the Liberian market: 

“Liberia, a nation of resilience and beauty, has been chosen for our expansion—a decision not made lightly, but one that signifies the rich potential of this market. Wakanow Liberia is more than just an  international presence; it is a truly Liberian company, deeply rooted in this nation's culture and  aspirations.”

Adedeji reaffirmed Wakanow's commitment to becoming a trusted travel companion for Liberians,  making travel accessible and affordable. 

He announced plans for Wakanow to collaborate with local communities, businesses, and authorities to foster economic growth and employment opportunities in Liberia. Adedeji underlined Wakanow's dedication to sustainable practices and corporate social responsibility, including ongoing discussions with an international aid organization to extend efforts in livelihood and economic inclusion across Africa. 

Wakanow’s entry into Liberia signifies a promising partnership between the company and the nation,  promising a future where travel opens doors to new horizons. 

Adedeji concluded with a message of inspiration and hope, expressing Wakanow's dedication to contributing to Liberia's growth and  prosperity.