Liberia: VP Taylor ‘Insensitive to Plights of Bongese’

Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor

— Former Senator Yallah

Former Bong County Senator Henry Yallah has called out Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor for allegedly being unsupportive to the development needs of Bong County.

Yallah, now a former member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), said Taylor had done nothing to improve the lives of the people of Bong County, despite being elected on the promise of bringing development to the county.

"Madam Taylor has been elected in the County on the basis of being a female but she is yet to even improve the lives of a single market woman, who stood up and said they were electing her because her Mother was a market woman in Sanoyea electoral District#7," Yallah said.

He accused Taylor of using her influence and power to undermine his work as Senator when he served on the Public Works committee at the Liberian Senate.

Yallah made specific reference to the pavement from Gbarnga to Kokoyah, which he said he worked tirelessly to ensure it happens but the VP allegedly fought him fiercely to make sure that that did not happen as it would have given him higher political capital in the county.

“She fought so hard to block the pavement of the Kokoyah road when I was on the senate’s Public Works Committee on grounds that if the road is paved, I was going to be re-elected in the 2020 election,” Yallah said. “We all are now seeing how Kokoyah citizens are suffering because of the evil of Vice President Taylor.”

Yallah also accused Taylor of masterminding the dismissal of over 70 chiefs in the county and boasting that it's their government and their time she could dismiss anyone. He noted that eleven (11) of the dismissed chief have died out of frustration in the County.

Yallah who has declared his support for Alexander Cummings of the Collaborating Political Party claimed that Taylor early this year added insult to injury when she said "Bong County is not too essential in President Weah's re-election."

"You can be a Cdcian and support another party's candidate, this was a doctrine introduced by Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor in 2020, that's why I am a Cdcian supporting CPP's Cummings for President in this 2023," the former Bong County Senator noted.

Yallah's comments come as the country prepares for the 2023 general elections. The upcoming elections are expected to be closely contested, and Yallah's comments could play a role in shaping the outcome in his native Bong County.