Liberia: US$200K for Technical College in Pleebo Sodoken

The Speaker of the House of Representative, Bhofal Chambers


The 54th National Legislature has made a budgetary allotment of US$200,000 for the construction of Technical college in Pleebo Sodoken district, Maryland county.

According to House Speaker, Dr. Bohfal Chambers, US$200,000 has been placed in the 2023/2024 national budget for the construction of the technical college.

Speaking on Hope radio 103.2, also relayed on the voice of Truth 95.5 via telephone in the county , speaker Chambers noted that the idea to construct a technical college is a collective effort of Senator Brown and President Weah, and he acknowledged the role also played by previous caucus members of the county.

If the funding is sourced and the construction of the technical college is done, this will be the first of its kind in the history of the district.

According to Chambers, the technical college will be constructed in Gedetarbo town, outside of Pleebo City, adding that the allotment in the budget is not physical cash, but a projection that needs a source of funding to identify and that also needs people with financial expertise to provide in depth understanding and explain to others.

He at the same time narrated that his intention to allot the US$200,000 in the national budget is not a political gain for an individual to be glorified but as a development package for the entire district to benefit from a technical college.

Speaker Chambers maintains that the issue of a technical college has been a cardinal concern of the people of Pleebo District, and as much as it should be embraced and accepted by the people of Pleebo.

“During my first tenure as Representative of Pleebo District, I fought hard to ensure that Pleebo Sodoken District benefited from a vocational school built in the district, but this didn't happen due to many factors that were beyond my reach,” Speaker Chambers added.

The House Speaker then disclosed that the discussion of a technical college for Pleebo Sodoken is far dated during the regime of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, something I fought for, but couldn’t realize.

“Due the establishment of the William V.S Tubman University in Harper Chambers, they have decided to have two or more vocational schools in Pleebo Sodoken District that will enable the youthful population of the county to gain useful skills to realize the brighter future that is ahead of them,” Speaker Chambers noted.

Speaker Chambers has urged his kinsmen and citizens to prioritize unifying the district, in the midst of disunity, the district can’t be built.

He emphasized that if the district had vocational schools, it should be something that was embraced by the entire population of Pleebo District rather than politicizing development .

Speaker Chambers admonished the citizens to accept the development package and avoid destructive criticism because his intent is not to gain individual glory but to help others achieve their goals.

“Our intention to have a technical college in Pleebo Sodoken district is not for us to be praised as individuals but as a collective effort, the same way it was done with the creation of Tubman University,” Speaker Chambers said.