Liberia: US Ambassador Applauds IAA’s Approach in Fighting Corruption

Ambassador Michael McCarthy (right) and IAA’s Director-General David Kemah

The United States Ambassador accredited near Monrovia, Michael McCarthy, has applauded the Internal Audit Agency for what he calls its unique approach to helping public institutions do the right thing.

McCarthy intimated that the fact that IAA auditors do not exert themselves as police officers over the activities of public entities, but rather help institutions do the right thing, is laudable.

The US Ambassador welcomed the new management team at IAA, headed by David Kemah, and described the transition as absolutely essential to strengthening democracy.

He emphasized the importance of the IAA’s approach to helping public entities do the right thing, stressing that public resources belong to the people and, as such, public officials have a duty to be accountable to the people.

McCarthy made the remarks on November 15, when he paid an official visit to the head office of the Internal Audit Agency in Congo Town.

Meanwhile, the IAA’s Director General, David Kemah, used the occasion to present the entity’s priority areas to the US Ambassador.

The IAA’s Priority Areas are the entity’s strategic goals that are contained in its five-year strategic plan, which was recently approved and validated.

Director General Kemah named the expansion of IAA’s coverage in the counties and the delivery of effective services to client entities as areas of focus for the new management team.

Kemah also thanked the President of Liberia,  George M. Weah, for reposing confidence in his team to lead the IAA, following a competitive recruitment process.

He indicated that with the competence and independence of his team members, all of whom are Certified Public Accountants, the IAA will make a difference for the people of Liberia.