Liberia: University of Liberia to Go Digital

University of Liberia

…. Signs partnership with Tamma Corporation to conduct its administrative activities on the World Wide Web

The manual form of administrative activities at the University of Liberia is on the verge of becoming a thing of the past as the university has resolved to finally go digital.

To ensure that this becomes a reality, the university has signed a digital partnership agreement with Tamma Corporation, one of Liberia’s top technology firms. Under the agreement, Tamma will streamline the country’s premier tertiary institution’s academic and administrative processes through School Mass, a digital program.

School Mass is one of Tamma Corporation's innovative platforms that offer a comprehensive suite of tools and features designed to enhance various aspects of academic management.

The digital platform revolutionized how the university handles student enrollment, course registration, grading systems, and other administrative tasks. 

“I’m delighted over the partnership and the prospects of it revolutionizing the learning environment at the university into a Smart City,” Tamma Corporation chief executive officer (CEO) Abdullah Kamarah told reporters on Saturday, July.

“This comes after a few months of consultation and brainstorming. And I am glad to put pen to paper for some understanding we have reached for partnership strategically with the UL administration,” Kamarah said. “We are glad that this is happening.”

The partnership agreement, which was on June 28, mandates Tamma to take over all of the institution's academic processes, including admission, payment, grading, transcript issuance, and other digital processes.

The company, its CEO said, is a top technology company that has created numerous applications, including eWallie and a health portal for clients.

“This partnership with UL marks a significant step towards modernizing the education system in Liberia,” he said. “School Mass Platform will provide students with an intuitive online portal where they can access their academic records, course materials, assignments, and other relevant information.”

By digitizing these processes, Kamara added, UL can reduce paperwork, minimize errors, and improve overall efficiency.

"Students will pay their school fees using that platform. People can use our website to pay school fees on behalf of kids in Liberia from anywhere in the world."

Students who apply to the university and are accepted, will automatically be incorporated by the platform.

"Our system will fully integrate students into the platform from the initial engagement application and testing through enrollment, which actually happens before they enroll in the university and are approved."

The Digital Testing Module, he said, is the first fundamental service the company would provide to the university, allowing it to administer its full test.

The second fundamental service the company would be providing would be the ability for students to register on their own from outside using a smartphone, computer, or tablet. This procedure will be done through the university website, which will soon be launched.