Liberia: Unity Party Denies “Black List”

Joseph Boakai, presidential candidate of the Unity Party, speaks to supporters at party headquarters in Monrovia, Liberia, on April 28, 2023.

The Unity Party has rejected what it refers to as “a frivolous list created by the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government”, that has been making rounds on various platforms on social media. 

“The purported ‘black list’, circulated by mainly CDC zealots and collaborators, claims to have names of people the Unity Party led government plans to eliminate.

“The Unity Party categorically distances itself from such malicious lies orchestrated by the CDC for propaganda purposes,” the former ruling party said in a release. 

“We are not surprised that a day after the Liberian people defied torrential rain and assembled to affirm their support for the Presidential bid of H.E. Joseph Nyuma Boakai and the  Rescue Team, the CDC has gone in panic mode and, as such, have resulted in using desperate propaganda to taint the democratic image of the Unity Party. 

“The UP notes that the only post war targeted list was created by the CDC immediately after they assumed the Leadership of Liberia and has since been targeting, eliminating and generally harming Liberians.

“The mysterious deaths of Albert Peter, Gifty Lama, Matthew Innis, et al are all clear examples of what the CDC has done and still desirous of doing to cover up their devilish activities against the poor masses of our people. 

“The Unity Party believes all Liberians are equal and will be equally protected and included in the new government led by a responsible and experience public servant, Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai. No government has employed more opposition than the Unity Party led government.

“We recall  the appointments of George Weah as Peace Ambassador of Liberia, Nathaniel Mcgill as Assistant Minister while still serving as Secretary General of the CDC, Samuel Tweah as Consultant at the Ministry of Finance and later on at the AFDB and host of others,” the UP release concluded.