Liberia: UL Admin Places Hold on 2 Academic Appointees

University of Liberia

-Secures 1,200 Chairs To Address Shortage

The University of Liberia (UL) Administration has placed a hold on the appointment of two academics recently appointed to serve as Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs and Acting Dean of the College of Business and Public Administration, as instructed by the UL Board of Trustees. 

The President of the University of Liberia Prof. Dr. Julius Julukon Sarwolo Nelson, Jr., has therefore informed the appointed academics of the decision and has further instructed them to return to their previous occupation before their recent appointments.

Dr. Nelson made the disclosure at a special UL Cabinet meeting held on Thursday, August 31, to review the situation at the UL in order to  take appropriate measures for the smooth running of the academic semester.

Dr. Nelson said the UL was returning to “Status Quo Ante” until the Board conducts its own investigation.

In the wake of recent events on the UL campuses involving students, the University Administration on Monday, August 28, 2023, met with students concerning the destruction of buses used to transport students to and from the Fendall campus.

During the meeting, which took place on the UL Fendall campus, the UL Administration informed students of measures taken to ensure a successful academic semester including procuring additional 1,200 chairs to address the shortage of chairs that led to the disruption of classes on the Fendall campus this week.

Meanwhile, the UL Administration says it is working with the Liberian National Police to increase security on all campuses of the University, including beefing up security around the medical school facility in Fendall, where an incident of armed robbery occurred last week.

Additionally, the UL Administration dismisses claims that certain faculty and staff members are being targeted because of their views on happenings at the institution, adding that there is no “witch-hunting” of executives or members of faculty or staff.

The UL Administration says it respects the democratic principles and rights guaranteed and enshrined in the 1986 Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, and further says, it is dedicated to upholding, protecting, promoting and safeguarding those constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms, including academic freedom and the free expression of ideas and thoughts, which are the bare rock rock of teaching, learning and research of any academic institution. 

In so doing, the President of the University is urging students, faculty, and staff to remain calm and go about their normal academic business, while his administration engages  Government, the newly reconstituted UL Board of Trustees, and all relevant stakeholders, including ULFA and ULSA, to ensure a successful and uninterrupted academic semester.

Meanwhile, two UL students have been identified by their student identification numbers and college and are undergoing investigation for their role and involvement in the violent destruction of a bus belonging to the Montserrado Transport Services, which is used to convey students from Redlight to the University Fendall campus.

The UL Administration says these students, if found liable, risk serious punishment including suspension or expulsion from the University, as prescribed by the Revised UL Student Handbook.

As such, UL Administration warns students to refrain from any violent conduct which has the propensity to cause chaos on campus and disrupt the academic semester or risk being suspended or expelled from the institution.


Cllr. Norris Tweah

Vice President for University Relations