Liberia: Two of Lonestar Cell MTN Yéllo Star Academy’s 15 Contestants Evicted

Evicted from MTN Y’éllo Star Academy: Deangers M. Hyverland and Willie T. Harmon


After the first of three elimination rounds, Deangers M. Hyverland and Willie T. Harmon have been evicted from the Lonestar Cell MTN Yello Star Academy.   

Up and coming vocalist 26-year-old Willie T. Harmon was looking forward to using the MTN Y’ello Star platform to build on his brand and helping other vocalists achieve their dreams. 

Twenty-one-year-old Deangers M. Hyverland, known as Dean Aiden, was the only contestant selected for the Y’ello Academy from the Nimba County auditions. The Nimba County native said he learned a lot in the Y’ello Academy and considers making it to the Y’ello Academy as a win. 

Lonestar Cell MTN congratulated both contestants for their accomplishments and encouraged them to keep singing.   

Their eviction came after all 15 contestants, who spent the previous week in master classes and rehearsing R&B songs, performed with a band live in front of the panel of judges, Chris Wolo, Vivian Sweetie Akoto and Geno, and Facebook audiences.  

“It’s sad that we have to let some go, but such is the competition, and the idea is to get the very best that can be a good representative of the brand as well as the country,” said Head Judge Chris Wolo speaking about the eliminations. 

The thirteen candidates, Icey, Keith Hunder, Davidetta Bainda, Emmathia Duncan, Rewina Henneh, Benkies Dolo, Andrew Williams, John Rudolph During, Samuel Dean, Bobby Tamba, Samuel Mulbah, Vanessa Karn, and Jervis Johnson have another chance to prove themselves worthy during their second week in the Yéllo Academy. 

A key feature of the Yello Academy is that all contestants must prove their vocal abilities in different music genres.

This Saturday, the contestants will perform African Songs in the second elimination round of the competition on Saturday, 13 August 2022. 

After their performances, audiences will have one hour to vote for their favorite candidate using the USSD codes listed below. 

Contestant nameUSSD Codes
Keith Hunder*415*003#
Davidetta Bainda*415*004#
Emmanthia Duncan*415*005#
Rewina Henneh*415*006#
Benkies Dolo*415*008#
Andrew Williams*415*009#
John Rudolph During*415*010#
Samuel Dean*415*011#
Bobby Tamba*415*012#
Samuel Mulbah*415*013#
Vanessa Karn*415*014#

The judges and audiences' votes are weighted equally to decide contestant scoring.   

The 2022 MTN Yéllo Star grand finale will be held at the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Ministerial Complex in Congo Town.