Liberia: Transforming Education with ‘SchooLink’ Platform

Vivien Jones: “SchooLink aids in the process of education by allowing schools to focus on imparting knowledge.  SchooLink is a School Management Solution.”

Liberia: Transforming Education with ‘SchooLink’ Platform

— MWETANA holds first conference on Tech for Education

MWETANA, a Liberian consulting and technology firm, has promised that it will use technology to help transform the country’s educational sector.

The CEO of the company, Vivien Jones, made the assertion on Friday, September 15th, during the company’s first conference on its SchoolLink project, a cutting-edge management system that connects students, school administrators, parents, and teachers on an online platform. 

SchoolLink enables students to register for their courses from anywhere, using a device of their choice. Teachers also use the platform to enter grades at the end of the semester, and students also access their grade sheets on the platform.

MWETANA pioneered SchoolLink in 2017 at the United Methodist University (UMU). Since then, five more universities have joined the project, in addition to more than 80 high schools that are already enrolled on the platform.  The five other universities enrolled include University of Liberia, Notre Dame, Baptist Theological Seminary, Bomi Community College, and Liberia Dujar University College.

The one-day conference attracted SchoolLink schools and universities, parents, school administrators and businesses including Orange, UBA, and GT Bank. 

“Over the years, we have had various users including universities and high schools, so we decided to bring them together to listen, know their challenges and concerns and present new features that we have put into the system.’’

Jones said he organized the conference to hear from SchoolLink about the challenges they face and discuss opportunities for expansion.  The goal, he said, is to make SchoolLink effective for all institutions, regardless of a school’s population and economic status. 

“This initiative is geared towards our clients, particularly school management systems. A few years ago, we embarked on a journey of developing this initiative to help schools manage their systems,” he said. “Your input and feedback will help us improve SchooLink.’’ 

The SchoolLink online platform allows schools and universities to manage their administrative challenges effectively, he said. SchoolLink has expanded its program to include a learning management and knowledge library on the Critical -Links C3 (Classroom, Content and Cloud) micro-Cloud Solution platform.

“Our intent is to transform businesses, institutions and Liberia through technology,’’ he said. “We are committed to education by being innovative, developing partnerships, building quality products, and striving for excellence. There is no problem that can’t be solved.  You just must use the right company, right solution, right strategy, and stay focused.’’

The college-level platform, he said, makes it easy for students to sit anywhere and pay their bills and register without going to school to pick up deposit slips and go to the bank. SchoolLink, he said, has removed all the hurdles in school enrollment.

“Schools are created to impart knowledge and not to worry about management,” he said. 

In her keynote address, UMU’s president, Dr. Yar Donlah Gonway-Gono, thanked MWETANA for the opportunity to address “such a dynamic and forward-thinking community.’’

The education sector, she said, needs to keep up with an evolving world.  With SchooLink, “we are not just keeping pace, but leading the way toward educational excellence in the digital age,” she said.

Education, Dr. Gono said, has always been the cornerstone of progress — shaping the minds of generations and fueling the engines of innovation.

“Today, our responsibility as educators has taken on a new dimension in the digital transformation era,” she said. We find ourselves at the precipice of a revolution, one that is driven by innovative technologies and reshaping the way we teach and learn,’’ she said. “SchooLink, as a beacon of this transformation, is leading the way. Let us begin by acknowledging the significance of this moment.”

SchooLink empowers educators to create dynamic, interactive lessons that resonate with students, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject, Gono said. 

Digital platforms like SchooLink offer interactive content and collaborative spaces that capture students’ attention and engage them in their learning journey. When students are engaged, they are more likely to excel.

She urged school administrators to embrace the digital education transformation led by SchooLink as a beacon of hope and progress. 

Conference participants also heard from Dr. Momodu Armstrong Massaquoi, president of the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary, one of SchoolLink’s partner institutions. The SchoolLink platform, he said, has made it  easier for students to effectively carry out their schoolwork.

The Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary joined SchoolLink four years ago. Students can access their grades and register their courses. 

“The new features that are being offered with making payments and registration are so great,” " he said. “As we speak, digital technology has transformed education, and we thought to align ourselves with international best practices offered by MWETANA.’’

The school’s administration embraced SchoolLink because they saw how students were struggling with the registration process.  SchoolLink has taken the pressure off registration. SchoolLink has reduced the overcrowding in the registrar’s office and enabled students to access their grades and register without being on campus.

He urged other universities to enroll in the program, saying: “SchoolLink is a user-friendly platform that students can download on their phone or laptop to make work easier,’’ he said.