Liberia: Time to Forge Ahead, but with Transparency and Fair Play

By Rev. Dr. Slewion Lewis

“Forget the former things. Do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way to the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” (Isaiah 43:18-19)

The above text was the words of God through the Prophet Isaiah to the children of Israel upon returning from their petrifying experiences in Babylon. God was saying to them: “I led you out of slavery and sin. I saved you from many deaths. But being delivered from slavery and death is not your destination. I have something better and promising for you, but it’s going to require you to keep moving forward and forget the past.” 

Fellow compatriots, as we have concluded one of the tautest elections in the history of our country, and with the many outbursts of emotions from candidates and their supporters, many are still meandering in the bitter experiences from the just concluded elections. Notwithstanding, as the Lord said to the children of Israel, he’s saying to us as Liberians, especially our political leaders, it’s time to keep moving forward and forget the hurting and distasteful things of the just-ended elections, because he has something better and promising for us as a nation.

With all the many dreadful and mortifying things we said and did to one another during these elections, God is saying to us, it’s time to forget the past and forge ahead as a nation, but with transparency and fairness. There's and should be no more time for hatred or anger. There is and should be no more time for fighting and destroying one another. There is and should be no more time for character assassination and blackmailing. There is and should be no more time for threats and scare tactics. The elections are over and it’s time for us to come together as Liberians and give our support to the person and party that will be declared winner.

Remember, the presidency can only be occupied by a single person. So, let us all come together as Liberians put our differences aside, and work with the would-be winner for the forward movement of our beloved country. 

To the one that will not be successful, I encourage you to accept the outcome of the election and join the winner for the growth and development of our country. Avoid any plan to disrupt the peace and stability of our country and join the winner to help develop our nation, for we all are winners.

To the one who will be successful, remember, there’s no one party with all the experts and technocrats to move this country forward. Equally so, there’s no one county or tribe that has all the human resources needed to develop Liberia. It will take all hands on deck to develop this country.  The time for political tussles and maligning of opponents is over. It’s time to bring all on board irrespective of political persuasions for the good of our nation.

To the supporters of all parties, remember, that Liberia is our common patrimony and greater than any individual or political party. Therefore, do not allow yourselves to be used by any politician or party to cause chaos and trouble. Keeping the peace and stability of our country also rests on our shoulders as citizens. Do away with any kind or form of violence, and place the interest of the country above the interest of your party and political leaders; for by doing so, you will be remembered in the history of our country for your patriotism.

To the National Elections Commission (NEC), the body responsible for the conduct of elections and announcement of results, we thank you for the work thus far and pray that you remain neutral and truthful to the Liberian people in announcing the results of the election; bearing in mind that the stability and peace of this nation are in your hands. Like the survival of a bird in the palm of an individual, the survival of our peace is in your palm. We encourage you to be transparent, free, and fair; and announce to the public the true and real winner of the election. You can do this and there should be no room to harbor fears if you are doing the right thing.

Remember, “In union strong success is sure, We cannot fail! 

With God above our rights to prove,

We will o’er all prevail.”