Liberia: Taking Liberian Cuisine to the World

Chef Aloycious and his colleague Femi Joyous Wilson, proprietor of the Kokon Ecolodge in picture.

Liberian Chef Participating in Wafest African food Festival in Nigeria

Wonyean Gaye, also known as chef Aloycious, is one of the fifteen competitors in the Wafest Africa Food Festival currently ongoing in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. 

The event, which is being hosted in collaboration with the Federation of Tourism Associations of Nigeria (FTAN) and the Nigerian Tourism Development Authority (NTDA), will take place between August 9 and August 14. 

Gaye, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Chef Aloycious Kitchen, one of Liberia’s most popular fast food establishments, is supported by his colleague Femi Joyous Wilson, chef at Kokon Ecolodge, chef Darius Lewis, Chef Alie Bangura, chef Janjay Greene, chef Daniel Debah, chef Florence Paye, chef Richard T. Collins, chef Alexander Sawoe and chef Momo Yamah.

“Cooking has been a part of me since childhood,” he said in an email to the Daily Observer. “It's like a family tradition thing. My mom is a very great cook, so there’s no child or children that grew up in her house that didn’t learn how to cook. Mom is one person who loves cooking for people whether she knows you or not.”

Indigenous culinary exhibits, exhibitions, city tours, master lectures, contests, and performances by the participating nations’ cultures are some of the highlights of the six-day meeting. 

At the event, which would feature more than eight competitions, four master courses, as well as food and wine tasting, chefs and other food chain operators from more than 10 West African countries, 16 African countries, over 500 participants, and 12 corporate partners are taking part.

According to Gaye, Wafest is a West African food festival to promote the region’s cuisine to the globe. 

“Every year, one nation is permitted to host, and this year that nation is Nigeria.” 

“Yes, it’s the biggest food competition on the continent and this is my second time taking part, but Liberia has been taking part for 4 years now.

“Being a chef is something I’m proud of,” Gaye added. “I love it with a passion and I love cooking for people because it makes me happy and I’m glad that I have people who value what I do and keep supporting my work. I’m here with a host of top chefs from Liberia and we’re here as a team and we're certain to bring pride to our country.”