Liberia: A Successful Election, Transition Teams on both Sides and the Healing Process

Polling staff prepare to sort presidential ballot papers ( Photo: Daily Observer/Anthony Kokoi)

Following a successful election, it is imperative to prioritize the healing of our divided nation. 

The presidential election unofficially concluded around 5:45 pm on Friday the 17th of November, favoring former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai and his running-mate, SenatorJeremiah Koung. Despite the formal end of the contest, a new phase has begun.

After months of intense campaigns involving 20 presidential candidates, the election revealed two distinct views of Liberia. Outgoing President George M. Weah had strong support from southern regions, while President-elect Joseph Nyumah Boakai gained massive support from Lofa and Nimba.

The celebration that erupted on Friday night signifies not only the historic moment but also the anticipation of positive policy changes. This election marks a turning point for Liberia, symbolizing openness, peace, freedom, and opportunity. The nation appreciates the election of a wise fatherly figure to lead the healing, reconciliation, and nation-building process. Healing of our nation is a challenging task, lacking a straightforward roadmap. 

Building trust among former adversaries is essential for lasting peace. Examining and transcending our painful past together are crucial in preventing its recurrence. Despite political divisions, respecting diverse views is essential, as no party monopolizes the truth.

The Transition Team: The bedrock of our democracy lies in the Peaceful Transition of Power. This formal process entails transferring the power of the people from the outgoing leader to the chosen leader of the Republic of Liberia.

Before the formal power transfer on Inauguration Day, both the outgoing and incoming presidents must establish transition teams. These teams should comprise professionals with the skills, knowledge, and influence to adeptly manage the technical, operational, and human aspects of the change. 

Their responsibility includes planning, executing the transfer of key resources such as outstanding projects, critical resources, upcoming deadlines, and monitoring the transition from the Weah administration to the incoming Boakai administration.

To heal the divided nation, President-elect Boakai must address the legitimate grievances of hardworking Liberians who have experienced wage stagnation and diminished social recognition. 

Congratulations to President-elect Joseph Nyumah Boakai and Vice President-elect Jeremiah Koung on their victory. Best wishes as you prepare to lead our beloved republic. I pray that our President-elect, as the father of our divided nation, will lead the way in uniting, healing, and creating opportunities for our people. In union, strong success is sure.