Liberia: “Stop Playing Victim”

Alexander Cummings


— Cummings tells President Weah

The Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) Alexander Cummings has cautioned the government of President George Weah to stop playing the victim and blaming opposition politicians for his excesses and ineptitude and instead focus on fixing the country.

Speaking on a talk show on Truth FM on September 20, Cummings, making reference to the government's attempt to link him to a social media video that speaks to the ills in his government, described the allegations as untrue.

The CPP Standard Bearer said instead of the government investigating the veracity of the video's content, public officials are playing the victim and blaming him for the sad and creeping dangerous state of the nation.

While declaring that he has absolutely nothing to do with the video, Cummings vowed that he will continue to mount all necessary pressure on the President and officials to do what is right and fix the country.

Cummings said linking him to the video is bogus and untrue and described it as a ploy by the government to distract Liberians from the deteriorating socio-economic conditions and mass suffering of the Liberian people.

Cummings said the high-level of stealing by public officials and gross ineptitude on the part of the President are the primary causes of the deteriorating economic conditions and the extreme suffering and poverty in Liberia.

Cummings said Liberians are aware and understand that  public officials in Weah's government are being sanctioned for their corrupt actions, while the suffering and extreme poverty are a direct result of the wanton stealing. 

Cummings said to change Liberia and stop the culture of impunity and outright stealing, those culpable must be punished, while public officials with good behavior, must be rewarded.

The CPP Standard Bearer said he will not be deterred by the government's persistent and consistent blame games and uncounted attempts to falsely label and demonize him, for his strong demand and commitment to a genuine change in Liberia. 

Cummings said the government's persistent blatant lies, bogus accusations, and false representations of being what he doesn't represent, are all attempts to thwart his Presidential bid in 2023.

He said the CPP, being the most formidable opposition force against the second bid of President Weah, has made him a target of hate and the worst enemy of the administration.

Cummings reaffirmed a CPP government to real change in Liberia, that will affect every sector of the country, restore the country's lost dignity, and a massive infrastructure development that will better the life of every Liberian.

He spoke about a massive agriculture program, improved health care delivery service, quality education and training programs, and living wages for nurses, teachers, and civil servants under a Cummings Presidency.