Liberia: SRA Warns Members Against Political Violence



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As Liberia goes to the polls on October 10, 2023, a legally registered social organization in Liberia known as Serious Relationship Association (SRA) has warned its members to stay away from violence.

SRA is a non-political group that is addressing the humanitarian needs of underprivileged citizens in Montserrado and surrounding counties, through the supply of assorted items.

The organization is built on four cardinal principles: unity, care, giving back, and love.

Patrick Sunny Wolo, who is the organization's Chief Executive Officer, said the humanitarian group will not pledge support for any political parties or individual candidates in the ensuing elections, though its members are from diverse political backgrounds.

The U.S.-based Liberian noted that the organization is being monitored by its chapters in 19 other countries around the world, and as such, every member risks dismissal if they engage in political violence.

He stated that the over six thousand members in Liberia should serve as ambassadors of peace during these electioneering periods.

"We are about to go to elections in October, and I say to all of my over six thousand members in Liberia to stay away from violence. Our institution remains non-political. We will not pledge our allegiance to any political party, the reason being that we are all from different political backgrounds, and we tell you to shine your eyes and make the rightful decision for our country," he said.

“Due Payment”

At the same time, the CEO of the Serious Relationship Association disclosed the pending arrival of assorted materials for members of the organization who have paid dues for the past six months, as well as materials for less fortunate people in Montserrado County.

He encouraged members who have paid their monthly dues for the past six months to settle their obligations with the institution.

Patrick Sunny Wolo maintains that payment of dues would help the organization meet its plan of action and address prevailing challenges.

"We have been delinquent with our due payment. And I say to you, if you have not paid your dues from January to June, I am calling on you to pay your dues and settle your arrears with the organization. In July this year, we will distribute some asserted items to members who have paid their monthly dues for up to six months," Patrick added.

Organization’s Anniversary

The Serious Relationship Association will clock two years of existence in December 2023, and according to its CEO, a series of activities are being organized to ensure a successful anniversary celebration in December.
Mr. Wolo disclosed, among other things, that a major tournament will be hosted among 32 targeted communities as part of the activities marking the institution’s two-year anniversary.
"SRA turns two years old in December, with organizations joining in celebrating our anniversary. Together, we will all succeed. We have thought it wise to postpone the tournament to December of this year. We are hopeful to have 32 targeted communities, and the tournament will comprise gold medals, jerseys, and football. We have spoken with the coach of Union Duala, and he has finally agreed to take the MVP of the tournament to Union Duala," he concluded.

The Serious Relationship Association has chapters in 19 countries around the world. Its Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Sunny Wolo, is a U.S.-based Liberian and former employee of the American Embassy in Monrovia who was awarded his resignation by the former US embassy, Linda Thomas Greenfield.

He also served as security advisor to two auditors general of the Republic of Liberia. Robert Kilby and Madam Yousador Gaye (deceased).