Liberia: Speaker Chambers Donates Ambulance to Pleebo Health Center

The Speaker of the 54th National Legislature and Representative of Pleebo Sodoken District, Dr. Bohfal Chambers, made a significant contribution to the healthcare sector in his district recently, being a brand new modern ambulance to the Pleebo Health Center in electoral District 2.

The donation ceremony was attended by community leaders, county development officials, health authorities, and other esteemed guests. Speaker Chambers, while presenting the ambulance, highlighted its importance in improving healthcare services in the Pleebo Sodoken district.

He described the ambulance as one of the best in Liberia and a testament to his commitment to the district and its residents. The Speaker expressed his gratitude to the people of Pleebo Sodoken for their support during the recent presidential runoff election, emphasizing that their unwavering support had contributed to his success. He acknowledged the significance of the goodwill received from his constituents and stated that the ambulance donation was just one of the many contributions he intended to make.

Addressing the timing of the donation, Speaker Chambers explained that he had intentionally delayed its presentation to avoid any association with his campaign messages. The ambulance had already been imported before the 2023 legislative and presidential elections.

Furthermore, Speaker Chambers noted that the ambulance had been insured and provided with an ECOWAS brown book, enabling it to travel easily within other West African countries if necessary.

In his remarks, the Speaker called on healthcare professionals to prioritize their duties and avoid mixing their profession with politics. He emphasized the importance of upholding ethical standards and delivering quality healthcare services to all, regardless of political affiliations or backgrounds. Representatives from different sectors expressed their gratitude for the timely donation.

Women’s representative, Felicia Twaily, highlighted the benefits that the ambulance would bring to women in the district, who often face challenges accessing healthcare. The county development superintendent, Robin Scott, also expressed appreciation for Speaker Chambers’ continuous support to Pleebo Sodoken district, including previous donations of a motorbike and a school bus.

Accepting the donation on behalf of the county health authority, MD Shadrach K. Gono expressed gratitude for Speaker Chambers’ ongoing contributions to the Pleebo Health Center. He stressed the importance of the ambulance in facilitating the transfer of patients to other medical facilities within the county. Dr. Gono acknowledged the challenges faced by the health center, including limited manpower and the need for increased incentives for healthcare workers.

He also highlighted the growing population in the district, calling for government attention and upgrades to transform the health center into a hospital. In conclusion, the donation of the ambulance by Speaker Bohfal Chambers to the Pleebo Health Center is seen as a significant contribution to improving healthcare services in Pleebo Sodoken district. It is hoped that this generous gesture will alleviate some challenges faced by the health center and benefit the community at large.