Liberia Signs Agreement with Senegal to Conduct Fisheries Stock Assessment

NaFAA boss, Madam Emma Glassco, (left) and the Director-General of the ISRA/CRODT, Dr. Momar Talla Seck both signed the fisheries stock assessment agreement on behalf of their respective governments.   

The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) has signed a partnership agreement with the Senegalese Institute of Agriculture Research, and  Oceanographic Research Center (ISRA/CRODT) to conduct a stock assessment of the fisheries sector.

The fisheries stock assessment agreement between the two countries was signed over the weekend virtually in both Dakar and Monrovia respectively.

NaFAA boss Emma Glassco signed on behalf of the government of Liberia while the Director-General of the ISRA/CRODT, Dr. Momar Talla Seck Signed on behalf of the Senegalese government.

The purpose of conducting a comprehensive stock assessment in the country’s territorial waters is to ascertain the commercial viability of the fishing sector, mapped out the fishing ground/ hot biodiversity zone within its ocean space, and identify the quantity and commercial value per individual fish specified. 

This research activity which is sponsored by the World Bank is to be conducted biannually over five years to sustainably use and manage Liberia’s ocean resources in keeping with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14 (UN SDG 14).

The scientific information gathered from this research will help inform the fisheries management’s decision on reopening a viable commercial fishing sector towards economic growth for the country to attract further investment from the private sector both national and international.  

Some investment opportunities will include, the establishment of fish canneries, fish mill processors, processing and canning of seafood products, huge exportation of unique species, and surplus fresh fish availability on the local market among others.

NaFAA Glassco said, “This cooperation is about the Liberia -Senegalese bilateral cooperation signed in 2019 and is consistent with the provision within the protocol of the agreement”.

Mrs. Glassco noted that article 15 of the protocol states that “all parties should carry out a scientific research program, deepen their relationships at the level of their national research institutions and set up protocols for scientific cooperation to support them in their policy on the exploitation and sustainable management of marine resources”.

The Senegalese scientific research vessel operations will commence shortly in early July 2022 to conduct the studies in Liberia’s territorial waters.