Liberia: River Gee Lawmaker Wants to “Call Back” Fouani Brothers Corporation’s Incentive Agreement

Rep. Francis S. Dopoh

A senior member of the Public Accounts Committee and Expenditure (PAC) of the House of Representatives, Rep. Francis S. Dopoh, has filed a “motion of recall” to Speaker Bhofal Chambers to "call back” or “bring back” an incentive agreement bill ratified by the House of Representatives in September 2023, which was signed between the Government of Liberia and the Fouani Brothers Corporation.

The bill has since been forwarded to the Liberian Senate for concurrence.

The River Gee County District #3 Representative said his communication is in good faith and intended to correct the oversight of the Honorable House.

Sources said the ratification of the incentive agreement wasn’t allegedly and robustly scrutinized, and it also failed to meet the required votes for passage.

The River Gee Lawmaker’s appeal is contained in a communication to Speaker Bhofal Chamber dated October 23, 2023, with a reference caption: “Motion to Recall Investment Incentive Agreement Between the Government of Liberia and Fouani Brothers Corporation.”

In his argument, the River Gee County’s Senator-elect said he noticed that Section 10.1, Subsection C, is “inconsistent” with the intent of granting the incentive to build and operate a palm oil refinery in Liberia.

He further states that sections 52 and 53 of the incentive agreement are reasonable grounds for granting such an incentive, but section 101, subsection C, has the propensity to undermine palm oil production in Liberia by giving Fouani Brothers Corporation the right to import vegetable oil in Liberia.

“The very huge investment in palm oil plantations in Liberia by GL, MOPP, etc. will be destabilized if Fouani Brothers are given duty free for the importation of finished oil in Liberia,” the River Gee County Senator-elect said.

He added: “I pray that your leadership and this honorable body take legislative notice of my motion in the best interest of Liberia.”

A member of the House’s leadership who begged for anonymity said signatures have been gathered; if the incentive agreement isn’t recalled, they will seek redress from the Supreme Court.