Liberia: Rewinna Henneh Wins Lonestar Cell MTN Yello Star Season 2 Singing Competition

(Left to Right)  EZYPAIN, Chief Marketing Officer Abiodun Ajayi,  Rewinna Henneh, Brand and Communications Manager, Abigail Nufeatalai


When the Chief Marketing Officer, Abiodun Ajayi announced Mrs. Rewinna, (Winn) Henneh, newlywed and mother of one as the MTN Yello Star Season two winner, the crowd at the Ministerial Complex went wild. 

“I am not over the fact that I won.  It is so overwhelming for the family.  I feel so blessed,” she said.   

She said that her number one fan, her husband, Jones N. Henneh pushed her to audition for the competition.  

“He’s so excited,” she said.     

Henneh competed against six contestants who, like her, survived the three-week Yello Academy that consisted of vocal and professional training and three eviction rounds. Seven contestants moved on to the Grand Finals out of the fifteen contestants chosen from the 500 contestants that entered the Academy.  

The six other contestants vying for the coveted title of MTN Yello Star Season Two Winner were MTN Yello Star Season one contestant Davidetta Bainda, 23-year-old electrical engineer enthusiast Andrew N. Williams, 28-year-old artist John Rudolph During (Eye Ru, Sr.), 20-year-old prospective law school student, Vanessa Karn, 30-year-old GT Bank Transaction Officer Jervis Johnson and 17-year-old Keith Hunder of Bomi County. 

After singing duets and self-composed songs, three candidates remained: Rewinna (Winn) Henneh, Davidetta Bainda, and Jervis Johnson.    The level of competition rose higher with the performance of the last song by each of the three finalists. The complexity of the songs chosen by the judges tested their vocal dexterity, and performance technique to see if they were ready to fulfill the expectations of the MTN Yello Star.

The Head Judge, Chris Wolo, said that the goal was to see if they had what it takes to move to the next step, recording an album in the studio and performing professionally.  

“What propelled Rewinna to the top,” said Mr. Wolo, was her consistency of performance, presentation, and delivery. Each week during the MTN Yello Academy she received a standing ovation.   She was that good.”    

In an earlier interview, Mrs. Henneh said that she is grateful to Lonestar Cell MTN for the platform afforded her.  She plans to use the opportunity to encourage others to achieve their dreams and make her son, Benjamin, proud.  

“I want him to reflect on all I have done and know that he can do the same. Should he choose to follow his dream, his loving mother would be there to support him,” she said.    

Lonestar Cell MTN's Chief Marketing Officer, Abiodun Ajayi, presented Henneh with her winnings:  a \ recording contract worth 300,000 1.5 million Liberian Dollars, and 300,000 LRD in cash, 100GB free data monthly for a year, and the keys to a brand-new car.   Henneh will also receive six-month's worth of gas from SNS. 

Henneh will appear as the Guest Artist at the MTN Liberia Music Awards in November.

“Congratulations, Big Winn.” Mr. Ajayi said. “Well Deserved.”