Liberia: Revolutionizing Commercial Transport with Solar-power

— Local start up promises 500 jobs opportunities for young Liberians

A local energy company, New Energy Electric Vehicles (NEEV), is paving the way for a transportation revolution in Liberia. By introducing innovative solutions like the solar tricycle (kehkeh) and a range of all-electric bikes, NEEV aims to improve commuting experiences for citizens going to work, school, or other places of interest.

At a recent press conference marking the company’s official inauguration, CEO Cassell Anthony Kuoh expressed confidence in the positive impact these new transportation options will have on the country. NEEV is positioning itself as an e-mobility startup dedicated to transforming Liberia's transport sector with eco-friendly vehicles.

In addition to promoting green technologies and sustainable mobility, NEEV plans to create 500 job opportunities for Liberian individuals. Mr. Kuoh announced training programs to develop skilled professionals in operating these innovative vehicles, to generate new employment opportunities for Liberians, especially young people.

Under the banner of NEEV, the company unveiled its latest offerings: the revolutionary solar tricycle, and a range of all-electric bikes, aimed at facilitating smoother commutes for citizens to work, school, or business places.

NEEV is positioning itself as an e-mobility startup in Liberia, dedicated to revolutionizing the transport sector by promoting electric and energy-efficient vehicles. 

Kuoh highlighted the company's commitment to combating climate change, reducing emissions, and fostering sustainable mobility and economic growth through innovative transportation solutions.

“At New Energy Electric Vehicles Liberia (NEEV), we are committed to revolutionizing the transportation and energy sector in Liberia by embracing green technologies,” Mr. Kuoh stated. “We firmly believe that it is not only necessary but entirely achievable to reduce emissions and pave the way for a more environmentally conscious world.”

In addition to providing efficient and eco-friendly transportation options, NEEV aims to create 500 job opportunities for the people of Liberia. 

Kuoh announced plans to train individuals across the country to become skilled professionals in operating these innovative vehicles, to generate approximately 500 new jobs.

Beyond sustainable tricycles and electric bikes, NEEV is collaborating with energy sector officials to establish solar farms, aiming to reduce carbon emissions while providing stable and affordable electricity to households in the region. Kuoh emphasized the company's dedication to building a cleaner and greener future.

He stressed that these solar farms will not only contribute to reducing carbon emissions but also provide stable and affordable electricity to households across the region.

“While we acknowledge that the road to a sustainable future may be challenging, we firmly believe that it is a path worth pursuing,” Kuoh said. 

He called on Liberians to join NEEV in its commitment to reducing emissions and building a cleaner, brighter future for the next generation.

When fully charged, the kehkeh can run 150 kilometers while the motorbike can run 120km, while the maximum charging time is two hours, either on a solar energy source or a generator. 

Meanwhile, NEEV's introduction of solar tricycles and electric bikes represents a significant step forward in addressing transportation challenges in Liberia while simultaneously promoting environmental sustainability and economic development. With its innovative approach and commitment to green technologies, NEEV is poised to make a lasting impact on the transportation and energy sectors in Liberia and beyond. 

With its focus on innovation and commitment to environmental sustainability, NEEV is poised to have a significant impact on Liberia's transportation and energy sectors, setting the stage for a brighter future for the country and beyond.