Liberia: ‘Rev Giddings is Contesting’

Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings


-Team Giddings denies reports of senatorial aspirant dropping ambition

Team Giddings, a political group that is nurturing the senatorial ambition of Rev. Emmanuel Jutonue Giddings, has dispelled reports that their leader is no longer interested in contesting for the senatorial seat of Margibi County in the upcoming elections.

The group, officially known as “Rev. Giddings Political Action Team,” said their aspirant’s ambition is still on course and that preparations are being made to ensure that their team emerges victorious come October 10, 2023.

“Information in the public that Rev. Giddings is no longer interested in contesting is false and misleading,” a statement the group issued over the weekend noted. “What you are hearing is purely cheap propaganda circulating in the corridors of our beloved county, Margibi and the country as a whole. Those false narratives are only intended to distract the minds of the people of Margibi County.” 

The group assured their supporters that “our leader remains committed to contesting and winning the October 10 Senatorial elections in the county and that at no time has our political leader ever held a discussion with or accepted money from any individual with the intent of backing-off from the elections.”

The Giddings Political Action Team frowned on politicians who are using propaganda as scare tactics to lower morale in the camps of their opponents as a way of increasing their chances at the polls.

“This tactics won’t work with us because we are far above that. We will give no chance to failed and lazy politicians who have gotten rich overnight at the expense of our people who cannot easily send their children to school, pay their family or relatives medical bills, afford their house rents or build a house, or cater to some of their basic human needs,” the group, whose members believe that the false narrative about their aspirant is being spread by the camp of former Minister of States for Presidential Affairs, Nathaniel McGill, said. 

The group said its mission is to ensure that Margibi County is not given to corrupt, failed and desperate politicians and remains on course. They said that no level of cheap propaganda can distract them from ensuring that the people of Margibi County make the rightful choice in the pending elections, and that no amount of ill-amassed wealth from these purported humanitarians can have a space in the body politics of Margibi County.

“They are aware that after all attempts from these failed politicians in our county to lie to Margibians, that our Political Leader is no longer contesting in the October elections, they have now shamefully resorted to politicizing a matter that has been dealt with and brought a logical conclusion. 

“The Rev. Giddings Political Action Team has gathered that there are some unscrupulous elements as well as ill-intended politicians who are rallying support for a protest action against our Political leader in Rev. Emmanuel Jutonue Giddings for allegedly being a party to the death of the late student Odell P. Sherman in 2019, who was discovered unconscious and was taken to the ELWA hospital where she later died after nearly two hours, and which situation was investigated by police including a autopsy being conducted and brought to a logical conclusion, and from which our political leader was vindicated from all claims or allegations,” the statement said. 

Accordingly, “we want to say to the organizers of the planned Monday protest against our Leader that your evil and malicious plans have failed and will not be listened to because our people are resolved to electing Rev. Emmanuel J. Giddings as Senator of our county and that no amount of mere propaganda can change the minds of our citizens in making the right decision.”