Liberia: ‘Representation is About Propagating the Interests of the Masses’

Moses Duo Mendin, upon his arrival Garplay on Saturday, May 14, 2022 for his petition ceremony. 

... Says Moses Duo Mendin

Nimba County District #4 legislative aspirant, Moses Mendin, has informed citizens of the district that as their lawmaker, his intent is about propagating the interest of the masses “so as to relieve them of poverty.”

Responding to his petition to contest the ensuing 2023 general election, Mendin noted that if elected, he will seek the interest of the ordinary citizens, so that they can sustain themselves and improve their livelihood.

“Some of my areas of interest  will be to improve the educational system of the district by making it more vibrant and affordable to all, regardless of their condition.

Mendin said there is a need for the district to have a vocational school as a means of  creating avenues for everybody to have access to skills training for self-sustainability.

Nimba County District #4 is one the largest electoral districts, beginning from Gbor Administrative District around Saclepea to Beo Chiefdom, where Gborplay is situated near the Liberian border with Ivory Coast.

Currently, the district has one high school in Garplay, the headquarter of Twah River District, but most of the high school dropouts do not have any access to skills training, leaving most of them to become motorcyclists and subsistence farmers.

“With your help and cooperation, we can improve the health, agriculture and education sectors in the districts,” he said.

The citizens in the petition statement, said, “being cognizant of our duties as residents of District #4 in Nimba, we have reached a unanimous conclusion of saving our political and economic future by choosing an alternative personality to represent our collective interests in the 54th National Legislature.”

The citizens said their beloved district deserves qualified leadership to champion its agenda, so they formed a consensus to protect themselves and their children.

Mendin served as Assistant Superintendent of Fiscal Affairs for Nimba County in the administration of President Ellen Sirleaf until her tenure came to an end.

“Appreciating democratic principles and ensuring that the popular will of the people overshadows any parochial objectives of a few greedy and power-drunk and luxurious loving leader who stands in diametrical oppression to the people’s freedom march of governance, we have convinced ourselves to thrust our weight behind a better alternative,” the petition statement said.

“Being fully aware of the repercussions of voter apathy and the consequences of placing political power, especially legislative authority in the hands of misfits and greedy hustlers, we have reached a decision,” they added. 

Nimba County District #4 is represented by Gunpue Kargon.