Liberia: Rep. Brown Endorses Weah’s Re-election Bid

Nimba County District #1 Representative, Samuel N. Brown, has endorsed the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) standard bearer, President George M. Weah, for the ensuing runoff election.

At the endorsement ceremony held on Saturday, November 4, Rep. Brown called on his supporters to embrace the re-election bid of George Weah, not for personal gain but for the good of all.

He recounted the many development initiatives the President has undertaken in the county, especially roads. He referred to the Ganta – Saclepea Road, Tappita Highway, Ganta - Sanniquellie to Loguatuo Road, Gbarnga – Mendikoma Highway, and Fish Town - Pleebo Highway. 

However, these road projects were already negotiated and funded through Weah’s predecessor, the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration, pending implementation. 

“Even in Monrovia, most of the alleys are paved, the Mount Barclay to Johnsonville and Diggsville are some examples,” he said.

“We don’t want the road development to remain incomplete, like what happened to the Gbarnga - Mendikoma Road and the Ganta - Zwedru road, which was left undone because of regime change in 1990,” he said.

Brown is one of the few incumbent lawmakers who was reelected — winning with 16,767 of the 27,541 valid votes cast in the October 10, legislative election in the district.

Brown is one of the lawmakers of Nimba with a large following in the county, especially in the commercial hub of Ganta.

At the endorsement ceremony, Brown lauded his supporters and the citizens for re-electing him but called on them to do the same for President Weah on November 14 against Joseph Nyuma Boakai of the Unity Party, in a presidential runoff election.

Rep. Brown is a member of the National Patriotic Party, but he has been running as an independent candidate since he began his political career in 2017.

Also on Thursday, November 3, a defeated senatorial candidate, Armstrong Gobac Selekpor, endorsed President Weah, arguing that Nimba cannot produce a vice president when one tribe (Gio) continues to dominate the elected legislative caucus of the county.

He argued that there are two men from the Mano tribe elected in the October 10, 2023 election, with the rest of them including the two senators Dan/Gio and one Mandingo.

“We are clear in our approach because they are not the only tribe in Nimba,” he said.

“If Nimba will produce president or vice president, we should firstly balance the legislative caucus of Nimba, especially the senatorial seats,” he added.

Recently, defeated Nimba District 8 Representative Larry P. Younquoi also endorsed President Weah, calling on his supporters and those who believed in him to follow him.

The outgoing Representative Younquoi had been a major critic of the Weah administration when the CDC was in a good relationship with his arch-rival, Senator Prince Johnson.

Taking advantage of Senators Johnson and Koung’s decision to join the Unity Party Alliance, Rep. Younquoi said Nimba cannot continue to be against the sitting government all the time.

He was speaking against the sectional political propaganda carried on by Unity Partisans, especially Senator Johnson, who accused the CDC government of giving the Southeasterners more governmental positions.

He said Senator Johnson’s campaign messages put the entire county at loggerheads with the government and would also make any other government not trust the Nimbaians.

Madam Edith Gongloe Weh’s endorsement of President Weah is also making headway in the political arena of Nimba, where a house-to-house campaign had begun in the southern belt of the county.

Attendees at Rep. Brown's endorsement ceremony include former Nimba Superintendent Fong Zuagele, Paul Zlandor Wehyee, CDC Nimba chairperson Reginald Mehn, Roland Duo, Nohn Tarpia Dekpah, Roland Kekulah Mesco, an Executive Member of CDC, NPP Nimba Jarbatel, and among others.