Liberia: Remarks by Pres. Weah Following the Death of Archbishop Tutu

Desmond Mpilo Tutu OMSG CH (7 October 1931 – 26 December 2021) was a South African Anglican bishop and theologian, known for his work as an anti-apartheid and human rights activist. 

The passing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, one of South Africa's leading anti-aparthied heroes, is an enormous loss to the global community.

He was widely known for speaking fearlessly against the ills of society everywhere in the world, not just in South Africa. He was indeed a true advocate of social justice.

I fondly recall his emotional messages of peace and equal justice which he delivered to congregations in South Africa, but that became central themes around the world for the fight against human rights abuses everywhere.

Archbishop Tutu will be remembered for speaking truth to power regardless of who was involved - be it the fearsome apartheid leaders, or those of the African National Congress that followed them or leaders around the world.

The personable but resolute clergyman had come to be known as a "rabblerouser for peace" around the world, including in Liberia, when he spoke against the abuse of children during the war.

Archbishop Tutu also served as head of South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, focusing primarily on healing a devided nation.

He will be greatly missed!

We stand with our South African brothers during this period of mourning, and pray that the Tutu family and all those Impacted by his loss take solace in the Lord.

May his soul and the souls of all faithful departed rest in peace.

May God bless us all.

President of the Republic of Liberia