Liberia: Protemp Calls for Termination of Road Contract

Amid the deplorable roads in Grand Kru County, the President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Albert Tugbe Chie, has called for the immediate cancellation of the contract between the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) and Prime Plus Construction, Inc.

Prime Plus Construction Inc, was awarded a three-year contract for the rehabilitation of a primary laterite road designated as lot #2, from Greenville, Sinoe County to Boa Geeken (118.5KM) in Grand Kru.

Speaking to hundreds of citizens Sunday, March 27, in Niplaikpo City Grand Kru, during a welcoming ceremony for his arrival in the County, Senator Chie said it was frustrating to realize that in spite of the hundreds of thousands of United States dollars received by Prime Plus Construction Inc over the years, the roads still remain deplorable.

“You see how the road [is] looking? This company was given money to maintain this road, but they have failed. We will not allow them to carry the Government's money,” Senator Chie, who is currently spending his Easter, warned.

The President Pro-Tempore, during the occasion, cautioned the Ministry of Public Works to immediately cancel the contract with Prime Plus Construction Inc, adding: “I will stand here to say this to the Minister of Public Works, I am sure she will listen. You must cancel this contract.” 

With respect to Government’s interventions for the Southeastern roads, he disclosed that there has been money placed in the current fiscal envelope to commence the road in the South East beginning with Barclayville, the capital city of Grand Kru County.

Pro-Tempore Chie further mentioned that an amount of US$5 million was placed in the current budget for the road mentioned, while US$ 500,000 was also allotted to begin the construction of a major bridge that connects the road from Toe Town in Grand Gedeh to Buah through Philadelphia in Grand Kru.

“These projects are expected to commence November to December this year,” he said.   

The Pro-Tempore noted that the bad roads have created serious economic challenges for citizens and impeded economic growth in the counties of Sinoe and Grand Kru, and have also posed difficulties, particularly for motorists, business people, and other commuters.

He assured that the Weah administration is making frantic efforts to address these concerns, as roads remain the foremost priority of the government.

In conclusion, Senator Chie commended the people of Niplaikpo City and its surroundings for turning out in their numbers to welcome him to the County.

Following the Easter Break of the Legislature, the Pro-Tempore is expected to tour the various parts of Grand Kru over the next three weeks to have engagements with his people, so as to hear and subsequently address some of the major issues confronting them.