Liberia: Prosecute Pastor Kromah for loss of innocent lives!

Let's not forget that Pastor Abe Kromah is to be blamed for the loss of lives in New Kru Town. He should be sued by the family of the victims. He needs to be investigated properly by the Liberia National Police. 

I've sensed that the narrative is being changed to absolve Abraham Kromah for endangering the lives of his flock as well as causing the loss of lives of others who were desperately seeking miracles, or so they thought. 

That Zokos, or whatever one may call them , are a threat to the security of the country is a fact hoary with age. Nothing new. 

And Pastor Kromah knows this. He didn't descend from the clouds after the sounding of the trumpet, neither is he from planet Krypton and is therefore strange to the happenings of Liberia. 

He poorly planned his crusade in a poverty-stricken slum of high notoriety and drove in like a president with a bevy of security guards in a fleet of expensive SUVs to carry out so-called miracles. 

Knowing that New Kru Town is also a hoodlum of criminality and unsavory characters as it is of eminent personalities, he placed a premium on his personal security, not his followers or those under his spell. 

And in doing that, he forgot about others who, like the woman who touched Jesus' cloak and was healed instantaneously, had attended to touch his as well and get a whiff of the alleged miracles he was spreading and selling in olive oil, salt and water. 

Did the Pastor inform the Liberia National Police depot in New Kru Town he was hosting a crusade? Since he moves like a president, what did the risk assessment report of his advance security team reveal days prior the hosting of the crusade? 

Is the pastor not aware that anywhere there's a large group of people, especially areas of notoriety, the inevitable is bound to happen? Has he not heard of the law of unintended consequences?

Sources on the scene say the area outside the crusade was dark. What was the plan for lighting outside the crusade area, and was it done in conjunction with the local detail of the Liberia National Police? 

These are all questions Abe Kromah would have to answer. And no matter the preaching and calling of damnation for those asking the hard questions by his supporters who are still deifying him, these questions and our probing are going nowhere.

That they feel he's unaccountable, untouchable and is perhaps a deity draws strong parallels to Jim Jones who murdered over 900 of his followers in Jonestown, Guyana in an incident known infamously as the Jones Town murder. 

That Pastor Kromah was well prepared in terms of his personal security but not of his followers leaves a lot to be wondered. 

This goes to show that the so-called man of God knew that things would have gone awry. Hence he came fully prepared for whatever that would have occurred come hell and high water.

But in his preparation, God, acting like the breeze which disgraces the chicken from the backside, has shown to the world who is of Him and who's not. 

Pastor Kromah should be warned that the blood of those innocent attendees are on his hands, and it is one which he cannot wash away under the pretexts that the attack was spurred by witchcraft a d wizardry. 

And rather than being nonchalant by posting a picture showing him playing basketball on his Facebook page, he should be in an investigation room.

Religion is the opium of the poor and of those who can't think for themselves, according to legendary Liberian songstress, Miatta Fahnbulleh.

And I am sure as hell the many would come running under here to bring hell fire and damnation. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, they say.