Liberia: Pres. Weah Gets Marketers Endorsement in Nimba

Supt. Youh (with beret) and Nimba Market Supt. Worwoah

— As Nimba Marketers Association pledges unflinching support to President’s reelection bid

The Nimba County Marketing Association has pledged its unflinching support to the reelection bid of President George Manner Weah, noting that members of the group will ensure that the President is elected come October 10 polls. 

The association’s Superintendent, Winifred Worwoah, said derived the decision to endorse the CDC presidential candidate because of the level of development the government has initiated, especially for marketers across the country. “The level of work Weah has done in this country requires some level of reward,” she said in an exclusive interview with the Daily Observer. 

“This government is our government because he has done plenty of things for us, the marketer’s,” she said. “He built the roads for easy passage of our produce to reach the market. He also built our market halls and has done many other market projects across Nimba,” she said.

Wowah outlined some of the CDC led government achievements in Nimba as, in addition to the construction of roads, the paying of their children WASSE fees, the construction of the market building in Ganta and now the ongoing construction of Karnplay market.

“The president had also embarked on the construction of Sanniquellie market and with all of these, we the marketers of Nimba are very impressed and happy to carry him for the second time,” she said.

Madam Tieneh Youh, Superintendent of Ganta Marketing Association commended President Weah for the completion of the market building Ganta City.

She said the marketers in Ganta have been suffering to get a better market building since the war came to an end, but it was the President who was able to address their plight by constructing the modern market building today in Ganta.

The Ganta Market project began under the regime of former President Ellen Sirleaf, through the program ‘Sirleaf Market Women’, but those who were in charge failed miserably to complete the Ganta Market project.

Supt. Youh told this paper that even though the Sirleaf Market Women’ started the building but failed to complete and it was this government completed so they have all right to give the preference to the president and his leadership.

“If President Weah was not good to us, he would have abandoned the project, then there wouldn’t be any modern market building in Ganta today,” she said.

“After the Sirleaf Market Women failed, one day we were sitting on the Sun selling, when President Weah sent people to come see us and from there he completed our building, where today we are selling under a modern market building,” she added. 

On Saturday, September 9, 2023, the group of religious leaders under the banner ‘Religious Council of Nimba’, which include both the Christian and Muslim held an engagement with the Minister of States Bishop George W, Blamoh at the Methodist Gymnasiums in Ganta.

In the dialogue, Minister Blamoh urged the citizens in the jammed packed gym to wake up and stopped listening to lies and deceives from ungrateful people.

He said too many of us refuse to extend appreciation of gratitude to someone whenever he is living, but they will go around telling lies about the very person that supported them to become somebody.

Even though he did not call name, it is widely speculated among some citizens in Nimba that President Weah sponsored the senatorial bid of Jeremiah Koung by providing all finances during the Koung senatorial campaign.

One of the key messages the UP led campaign team headed by Senator Johnson and Koung is President Weah brought drugs in the country, where most of the youth have become ‘zogoes’.

But, Blamoh refuted the allegation, arguing for the past 12 years of the Unity Party led government, they were not able to control the flow of drugs and pass laws against abuse, rather they want to blame the current government.

He explained that proliferation of drugs is a worldwide virus and the government is doing everything to stop drug abuse and trafficking by signing it into the law to prohibit drug abuse and trafficking.

“How can someone be a drug trafficker and signed into law that will prohibit trafficking and abuse,” he asked rhetorically.

The Minister told the CDC supporters that the government should be appreciated for the peace we enjoyed today, where, according to him, there is no political prisoner, anyone can talk to the president any kind of way, there will be no form of intimidation from the government.

“We can count of the road connectivity, paying WASSE fees, paying of public university tuition, access to electricity by over 200k citizens, placing over 2000 nurses on payroll, salary increment for medical doctor from US$ 750 under UP led government to about US$ 2000 now, and among others,’ he said.

The campaign momentum in Nimba remains low, with neither of the political parties releasing cash as was done in the past election, leaving many wondering the cause.

For the Unity Party, it appears they do not have the funding to fully support their campaign process in the county, because the UP launched a ‘dollar’ rally from supporters to enhance their movement.

And for the CDC, it appears the party is withholding its spending because of the speculation that the CDC will not get any good vote in Nimba.

The momentum of CDC was low when Senator Koung was announced as running mate to Boakai on the UP ticket, but now, the momentum of CDC is growing. Some opinion leaders of the county have since endorsed the CDC, ensuring that its flyers or banners fly across Nimba.