Liberia: Police Step-up Security in Ganta

.... Roundup several suspected criminals

The Liberia National Police, Ganta detail, under the command of Archie Dennis, has stepped up security across the city, arresting about eight notorious criminals in Ganta City, Nimba County.

The operation came after some notorious suspected armed robbers, who were last year arrested and sent to court were again seen roaming the streets carrying lethal weapons.

Among those arrested include Koboi Gayflor, who in July of last year, robbed a lady on Ganta's main tree, making away with valuables and cash worth over US$5,000.

Another notorious criminal rounded up in this latest raid is Oliver Youhn. He was involved in the murder of a Nigerian in Ganta in 2020, along with one Deddeh (now sentenced), but he was released after being used as a state witness in the very murder he facilitated.

Police picked him up in an alleged robbery incident on January 5, 2022, where he almost killed a Fulani, whose shop he had entered with cutlass to steal. Youhn chopped the man at the back of his head and later escaped to an unknown location. Fortunately he was picked up in the latest ongoing police raid in Ganta.

According to the police commander Archie Dennis, seven suspected criminals have been rounded up, charged with various crimes including illegal possession of lethal weapons and loitering the street, among others.

“We have stepped up patrol both at night and in the day, making sure that those guys who are in habit of terrorizing people are arrested and placed behind bars,” he said.

He said the exercise is intended to reduce crimes in Ganta and allow citizens and denizens to go about their normal business, especially the travelers.

Those arrested include Prince Jaryenneh, Mohammed Dunbuyah, Victor Yormie, Marshall Dahn, Edwin Kokeh and Michell Dahn, also known as ‘five stars’.

Last year the crime rate in Ganta City was unprecedented, during which period armed gangs were seen on the Main Street of Ganta, terrorizing peaceful citizens, especially travelers.