Liberia: Police Nab ‘Ganta’s Nightmare’

Meanwhile, police have informed the public that it is still conducting a professional standards probe of its officers that were in charge of security for the July 26 celebration.


— Notorious Ivorian armed robber who has been holding Ganta hostage is finally arrested after weeks of manhunt

The Liberia National Police has finally arrested Weamie Behyee, a notorious Ivorian armed robber who has been wreaking havoc in the bustling  commercial city of Ganta, Nimba County.

Beyee,who is 39 years old, was arrested in the home of a man only identified as Cyrus in Blagay Town Community on the outskirts of Ganta.  The arrest came after police in Ganta had placed Behyee on its most wanted list following a spike in armed robbery activities in the last few months.

Weamie Behyee, a notorious Ivorian armed robber

Upon Behyee's arrest, he was immediately transferred to one of the local police stations outside of Nimba where he is reportedly undergoing interrogation. 

He is likely to be charged with multiple counts, including criminal conspiracy, armed robbery, aggravated assault, criminal facilitation, and theft of property, and then forwarded to Sanniquellie Central Prison, awaiting court trial.

Behyee is said to be the ringleader of the two separate armed robbery incidents that rocked Ganta late last year and this month.  His arrest, while it may be good news, does not change the fact that there has been an increased crime rate in Ganta.

The  February 7 incident led to the death of a former footballer player Victor Sabu Yenglee, who, according to the police, was a member of Behyee gant. 

The city's bustling economic activity makes it susceptible to crimes thanks to the prevalence of cross-border trade status. But rapidly transforming into a fast growing and developing city with luxury structures comes with crime, which the police are struggling to control. 

Most crimes, according to the police, take place in the night hours on motorbike taxis.  The open sale of illegal drugs including cocaine is also rife in Ganta, fueling the city's high crime rate — with petty theft criminals and armed robbers roaming the streets both days and nights. 

In 2022, armed robbers, using a 1.5mm pistol, attacked a money exchanger identified and made away with over US$5,000.  The money exchanger was short legged as his attack made way with his money.

Behyee reportedly escaped jail in the Ivory Coast before coming to Liberia to rob innocent citizens of their hard-earn living.