Liberia: PLP Confirms 'Fraud Probe' against Dr. Cassell

PLP political leader Dr. Cassell.

The People Liberation Party (PLP) has admitted that its Political Leader, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, is being investigated for fraud in the United States of America.

The party, in a statement, noted that it has been made aware of an active and ongoing investigation involving "our standard bearer Dr. Cassell in the US" state of Georgia.

"As a political party we pride ourselves in the rule of law, therefore as we gather more information, we will notify the public in keeping with our commitment to transparency," the party's statement added.

Meanwhile, the PLP will continue to operate with all of it's structures in place. The National Chairman, Tapple E. Doe, will continue to lead the party, and has called on partisans to remain motivated as we move towards 2023."

The PLP leader was arrested in Georgia, USA on March 17 upon arrival in the country, according to a Frontpage Africa report.

FrontPageAfrica gathered that Dr. Cassell’s medical agency in Pennsylvania was allegedly involved in double billing medical agencies and accumulated up to U$3.6 million through the scheme. The funds were allegedly funneled through his Dr. Daniel E. Cassell Foundation which has carried out numerous humanitarian activities here in Liberia.

The FBI then began an investigation and, with employees and testimonies, a case against his arrest was made. He has now been held as fugitive from the Law in Georgia and is likely to be extradited to Pennsylvania to face prosecution.

Dr. Cassell previously worked as a Behavioral Specialist Consultant in the Philadelphia and Bucks County areas. Since then, he had worked as a professional counselor in Pennsylvania and a clinical drugs and alcohol counselor.

His firm, Kwenyan Professional Health Services, is a mental health and behavioral substance abuse agency.

Dr. Cassell has been an ardent critic of corruption in the George Weah-led government and has often accused the regime of being insensitive to the plights of the Liberians.

In almost all of his political rallies, he promised to fight corruption and ensure that Liberians live the decent life they deserve when elected President in 2023.

Meanwhile, the PLP has disclosed that it is arranging to send a delegation which will include legal experts to the United States of America, to ascertain information and determine the party's next course of action.