Liberia: Open letter to the Chairpersons of the Unity Party and MDR

Former Vice President Joseph Boakai left, and  Senator Jeremiah Koung, who is expected to be announced on April 28.

Attention: UP executive board and the MDR Governing Council

Dear Mr. Editor 

We are pleased to congratulate the collaboration of UP/MDR, a decision that has rejuvenated the unity to rescue this country. It is also worth mentioning the tremendous step to involve Senator Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence and Senator Dillon in this all-important rescue mission led by the former Vice President, JNB. Congratulations to both senators for the resilience to adhere to Liberians’ call.

However, the expectation is that the collaboration should model equal opportunities for both UP/MDR supporters and Liberians in general, especially in Nimba County. Nimba is the home of MDR, UPists who kept sacrificing towards the upkeep of Nimba UP Chapter over the years are also in Nimba. In view of this, political decisions at the top level of both parties should clearly define the statuses of both partisan groups in Nimba.

Hon Chairs, we smell a bad omen in the UP/MDR collaboration in Nimba County if what we are hearing is something to go by. Putting the fate of UPists in Nimba at the mercy of an individual is detrimental to the faith of UPists and the success of the collaboration in the County. 

To squarely conclude that except for District #7, the rest of the districts must be left sorely for MDR and that Unity Party must not put-up candidates is a fatal political mistake and neglect of partisan interests. 

Instead, there should be a thorough political assessment to determine which district each party has strength. For example, the UP candidate will succeed most in District #4 then the MDR candidate. There are several factors responsible for this, some of which I would outline:

  1. District #4 is a UP predominant and strong-hold evidenced by votes accumulated in 2017.
  2. The county chairman of UP and most of those that helped to resuscitate UP in Nimba are from District #4.
  3. The incumbent lawmaker being an expelled MDR lawmaker will result in MDR fighting itself should MDR puts up a candidate in District #4. MDR partisans may result in sympathy/protest votes in favor of the incumbent. The protest votes will affect our collaboration in the representative, senatorial and presidential elections.
  4. A UP candidate in District #4 will accumulate all UP votes plus a portion of MDR votes. An MDR candidate would not do the same because MDR currently has an incumbent expelled lawmaker who will share their votes.
  5. The earmarked MDR representative candidate from District #4 has no history of MDR’s support. In the 2017 and 2020 elections, he campaigned against MDR’s interests. The campaign team exacerbated serious tumult between partisans. This bitter relationship may as well fight the UP/MDR
  6. The UP had its primary in District #4 almost a month ago and brought on board a popular and tested former assistant superintendent for fiscal affairs of Nimba, Hon. Moses D. Mendin. The process will attract more votes to our UP/MDR interest

Having mentioned the above, Hon Chairman and Executive committees, we request your consideration if this factor discussed is true. As stakeholders of our district, we will like to speak in one accord.


Peterson Walker 

(Partisan of UP)

Former Chairman of the Project Management Committee of Nimba

Chairman of Grassroots Farmers for Boakai, Nimba County.