Liberia: No More Passport to Play DV

--- This is great news for all applicants as they would not need to submit passport information for the upcoming Diversity Visa Program in 2022

A US Judge Timothy J. Kelly has rejected the previous government's passport rule, according to which a passport was necessary for applying for the Diversity Visa Program. The judge granted the motion and declared that the passports were no longer necessary for the upcoming Diversity Immigrant Visa Program in 2022 (DV-2024)

After the ruling has been cleared, the applicants for the latest Diversity Visa Program will not have to submit their passports when applying online. The Diversity Visa Program will again, from 2022, accept applications without requiring passport information. Only the selected applicants must submit their passports information after being selected when submitting the DS-260 before attending the Visa Interview at the American Embassy. Obtaining a passport for this purpose is cost-effective and much fairer for any applicant.

Previously Trump administration imposed the rule so that the people applying for the Diversity Visa Program would have to submit their valid passports during the application process. As a result, the people living in low-income countries could not apply because the passports were challenging to obtain and expensive. Due to the implementation of the passport rule, the number of applicants for the Diversity Visa Program reduced by 50% in 2019, 2020, and 2021 and aspiring immigrants from Africa suffered the most because of this rule.

After issuing the passport rule in 2019, Friedman Kaplan started the work on the case on behalf of aspiring immigrants from Cote d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, and their families living in America. He challenged the rule because it was passed without any early notice, and there was no comment period required, due to which the application process suffered greatly. However, in 2019, Judge Timothy J. Kelly rejected the plaintiffs because there was not enough evidence available against the passport rule.

Still, he allowed the standing parties to provide their claims afterward. Therefore, the prosecution team changed their argument. Instead of stating the rule was unlawful, they argued that it skipped the public comment stage, which is a requirement under the Administrative Procedure Act.

That new argument led to victory and positively impacted millions of people worldwide who are planning to apply for the Diversity Visa Program in 2022.

Every year up to 55,000 people get the golden opportunity to start a new life by winning an Immigrant Visa through the program. The Trump administration tried to take away this great opportunity from the immigrants, but it failed.

The recent victory shows that people from around the world can now again apply for the DV Program without submitting their passports at first. It will help them save money and time as a passport is now only needed if an applicant is selected and invited for a Visa Interview.

To read more about the cancellation of the Diversity Visa Passport Rule and watch the recording of the press conference held after the victory, please visit the US Green Card Office news blog

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The cancelation of the passport rule is a golden opportunity for millions of applicants. So, whenever you choose to apply by using the free service or plan to use the paid immigration service from US Green Card Office, it's time to submit your application today.

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