Liberia: Nimba’s New LNP Supt. Vows to be Robust Against Crime

ACP Larmin  Mendin receiving police documents from Nimba County Attorney Cllr. John Miah as part of the turning over program

The newly appointed superintendent of police in Nimba County, Assistant Commissioner of Police Larmie Mendin, of the Liberia National Police, has expressed commitment to combating crime efficiently through collaboration with partners and the community.

During his induction remarks on March 27, 2024, the county police commander outlined plans for crime prevention and proactive measures, aiming to establish Nimba as a crime-free county.

Mendin, who rose from the rank of Operation Officer at the Ganta Police Zone, said, “With the limited resources, we will remain committed to ensuring that Nimba remains a safe community by implementing the best practices in the police to meet the challenge of 21st century policing.”

He emphasized the importance of developing his subordinates’ skills to address current policing challenges and ensure the safety of residents of the county.

“We recognized that trust is the paramount component for us to be successful and we have much respect and confidence from the community,” he said.

With limited resources, Mendin pledged to maintain safe communities in Nimba by implementing best practices in policing and fostering trust with the public.

His induction ceremony, attended by diverse citizens, marked a significant appointment as the first Nimbaian to lead the Police County Command in nearly three decades.

With his new portfolio, Mendin succeeds ACP Dixon Kermokai, who was commended for his contributions, particularly in improving police facilities and community relations. 

Kermokai, who held the position for only ten months, was praised by citizens of the county, especially residents of Sanniquellie, who described him as one of the best police commanders the County has had in recent years.

In remarks, residents acknowledged that Kermokai’s administration brought sanity to the LNP by giving the headquarter in Sanniquellie a facelift as well as all the other stations across the county.

Mary Gonlepa, former City Mayor of Sanniquellie, told Kermokai: “you will get more rewards as you leave from Nimba today, bigger police position is awaiting you for the services you rendered to us.”

“This Commander that is leaving was always in touch with me at all times, both in the night and day, about any security issues,” said Cllr John Miah, County Attorney of Nimba.

However, the outgoing commander also lauded the citizenry for the level of cooperation he received while serving as Police Superintendent.

Kermokai extended thanks to all his colleagues, especially the junior officers, saying it was through their efforts that police presence was felt among the citizens. “Secondly, nearly all our stations are clean and well painted,” he said. “Cleanliness is part of policing.

He also called on his successor to respect the citizens, ensuring a cordial relationship through community engagement. “We need to engage the community by taking the police to the people instead of the other way around.”

Addressing the legacy of previous commanders, Mendin acknowledged the challenges and opportunities ahead in maintaining the cleanliness and rapport established by his predecessors. The community’s cooperation and engagement were highlighted as integral to the success of law enforcement efforts.

As Mendin assumes leadership, he is tasked with upholding these standards and further enhancing community policing initiatives in Nimba County.

Larmie is the first native of the county to ascend to the LNP’s administrative post in Nimba in nearly 30 years, since a Nimbaian held the position. The last son of Nimba to serve as commander was one Col. Kortee. He was legitimately assigned until the civil war disrupted his administration.

During regimes of both Sirleaf and Weah, all the police commanders who served in Nimba were non-Nimbaians. However, the service of ACP Kermokai was highly commended due to cleanliness he brought among the police in Nimba.

To many, the newly inducted commander has a greater task to perform, because his predecessors left the county police detachment very tidy and with good rapports from the community and the line ministries.