Liberia: NDC Urges GoL to Investigate New Kru Town Stampede

The Leadership of the National Democratic Coalition of Liberia (NDC) and members, wish to express profound condolences to the families of the 30 (plus) persons who lost their lives during a church event in the Borough of New Kru Town recently. 

The NDC, which visited with the bereaved Church and family, finds it very unfortunate and mournful that during this period of national uncertainty and individual efforts to sustain lives, some citizens would meet their untimely deaths at the hands of ill-intentioned intruders while attending a Church event. 

Meanwhile, the NDC notes with alarming concerns that the government would allow a gathering of more than 50 persons at this religious event and other events in the past several months in violation of COVID-19 Pandemic Health Protocols. It is further observed that there was a lack of proper security safeguard by the organizers, the city, and the national police at the event at a time when citizens are vulnerable to unprovoked attacks by criminal bands in many communities around Monrovia.

Hence, the NDC proposes a thorough investigation of the incident by the Liberian government so as to: (1) bring to justice the perpetrators of this violence, (2) address the lack of security and safeguard for the attendees, (3) investigate the general breach as well as lack of enforcement of COVID-19 Pandemic Protocols at government, religious, private, and other events or gatherings in the country, (4) put in place the necessary measures that will prevent the recurrence of this national tragedy. In addition, the NDC admonishes the public and government to avoid being hasty in placing blame on the less fortunate and disadvantaged population of the country commonly referred to as “Zogos” in the absence of proper investigation, facts and evidence. 

The NDC is Liberia’s social democratic political coalition that was founded since 2011. The coalition comprises of the New Democratic Alternative for Liberia Movement (The NEW DEAL Movement whose motto is “LIBERIA FIRST”), the Free Democratic Party (FDP), and other social democratic political groups, movements, and entities in Liberia. 

Issued on 21st January 2022 by the Office of the National Vice Chairman of the National Democratic Coalition of Liberia.