Liberia: NaFAA Receives Senegalese Fisheries Delegation Shortly

The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA).

The National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) is expected to receive a Senegalese fisheries delegation from the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Economy in Senegal on May 12, for a bilateral signing ceremony with the government of Liberia, through (NaFAA), a release from the entity has said.

The release said the purpose of the Senegalese delegation in the country is to carry out a comprehensive research study on fisheries resources in the territorial waters of Liberia.

According to the release, the Senegalese fisheries delegation will conduct the research studies through the use of the Senegalese scientific research vessel with support from the World Bank.

The delegation, upon arrival in the country, will sign a memorandum of understanding with NaFAA on Friday May 13, to commence the research studies on the country’s territorial waters, the release said.

The occasion is expected to take place in the conference room of the corporate headquarters of NaFAA.

This activity is in an effort to acquire scientific information/data on individual species so as to ascertain the commercial viability of those fisheries resources and to further attract investment opportunities, thereby improving Liberia’s commercial fishing operations across its territorial waters,” the release stated.

Meanwhile, this cooperation is in reference to the Liberia-Senegalese bilateral cooperation signed in 2019 and is consistent with the provision within the protocol of the agreement, the release added.

Article 15 of the protocol, states that all parties should carry out a scientific research program, deepen their relationships at the level of their national research institutions, and set up a protocol for scientific cooperation in order to support them in their policy on the exploitation and sustainable management of marine resources, the release concluded.